Sunday, December 28, 2008

Let the sufferfests begin....

Well this weekend was Bob-o's patented kick your ass back in to shape in a hurry weekend. Friday night my masters coach had the night off so I decided to up the yardage.

I got in 5000...main set 6x 500 on 7:00 I made all of them.

Saturday I went for a 15 mile run got it done in under 2 hours granted my Achilles was a little tight afterward. But it felt good to run on the road in shorts no less. The fog was a pain at times but it was overall a good run.

Then today...I had hoped to get 60+ miles on the bike, but 2 flat tires and having to drive home for spares went my spare went flat killed that proposal.

First I get out to Middlebury and notice my front wheel went flat.I changed it and started riding hoping that I could get at least 50 miles in. About 3 miles in I was forced to ride through a pothole my front tire once again went flat. After getting a ride back to my car I went home to pick up some more tubes and then got up to Lake Waramaug and managed to fit 35 miles in before sunset. My ride this week was a lot better than 2 weeks ago when I suffered tossing hills in the mix, but this week I stuck to the lake and sprinted. I averaged almost 19mph. A better ride but I really wanted to get more miles in granted with the weather we're having I might have another opportunity in two weeks.
Looking at the weather for the next week it looks like I might be relying on my trainer for my long ride. Next Saturday they're talking snow...and next Sunday I have to reprise my role as a Pope bearer for a church fund raiser...sadly they did not have the Popemobile in the middle ages, luckily the guy playing the Pope is light otherwise mass quantities of bench press and dead lift reps would be required. I plan on going for another 10-12 mile run tomorrow if my Achilles cooperates also I want to get a swim in in the AM as well as a swim on Tuesday as snow is in the forecast on Wednesday. Thursday is supposed to be frigid but I should be able to run if the roads are good maybe break out the bike but I have a rule about riding when the temperature is below 30 degrees: You just don't do it. Essentially I'm a little behind but on about the same pace as I was training for Ironman New Zealand as I was last year,granted I'm trying to work in some more time on the trainer. So that's all from me, hopefully the weather will get it's act together and I'll be able to get a few more warm days to break out the bike.

Thinking warm thoughts

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Steve Stenzel said...

Nice job on the run! And too bad about those dang tires.