Monday, December 29, 2008

My Achilles Heel!

Well ok it's my Achilles Tendon and it's looking less like the above picture and more like this:

Well after my 15 mile run on Saturday my Achilles Tendon has been acting up and it's not letting me ignore it. Today I decided to go for a 9 miler and well it flare up again. Once I got going it didn't really hurt but as soon as I hit some uneven pavement it would chime up, I'm assuming that the uneven paths on the back half of my 15 miler are to blame, after all loose stone isn't the best surface to run on especially after 8+ miles of pounding pavement. I'm figuring some anti-imflamatories should get it under control and my training will be back on track.

This morning I got to the Y early and managed to get in 3000 maintenance yards. Today's afternoon nine miler was pretty uneventful except I nearly got taken out by a minivan trying to cross Center St. In Wolcott, luckily the driver and I both had good reflexes and I didn't become road pizza. Other than that it wasn't too risky I managed to get back home before it got too dark. My usual loop has some moderate hills in it so I should be in shape for Taupo as long as I train my runs sensibly and the weather allows me to get the bike out over the next couple of weekends. Tonight I plan on icing my aliling Achilles and hopefully it will be back up and around for a New Year's Eve or New Year's Day run. as for riding on New Year's Day it's iffy...temps are only supposed to top out in the 20'sF (<= -4 C)..hopefully it will be a relatively warm not so snowy day out of the office. Well that's all for me. I've got to go RICE my left leg.

The Winter Warrior



Angry Runner said...

the problem is in your hips.

IronMatron said...

wherever the problem, hips or no, i know it can be heeled (haha) as follows:
1. take a bucket of ibuprofen each day
2. rest from running--one week

I had a nasty case of achilles tendonitis two winters ago, and I finally kicked it with the ibuprofen/rest.

are you doing the rev 3 too? I'm gathering the troops: I have three friends doing it so far...