Saturday, January 3, 2009

Ironman New Zealand Update:When you can't run :swim.and Scouting Report.

Well yesterday the achilles flared up after 4 miles on the treadmill. so I took the advice of the Angry Runner and decided to try to do the trigger point thing. after getting some very hi-tech apparatus (ie a giant foam cylinder) and hi tech instructions ( you roll it slowly until you feel the knot and put pressure on it until it releases.) I was off to the mat after finding some interesting looking yet effective rolling motions I was unable to unlock part of my left gastroc, hip and right leg surprisingly fine but my left leg had at least 3 knots built up in wonder my tendon was screaming. After rolling my legs I did some core work 6 pull ups followed by 75crunches, 15 push ups 75 crunches and then made my way to the pool. Stef had a power set awaiting me.
Main set was basic endurance building followed by a 6X 100 build set here's the LD
1x300 build
1x200 kick
1x400 build to strong
1x200 kick
1x500 build to fast
1x200 kick
1x600 build to mommy stop the pain!
6x100 build to sprint 1-3, 4-6.
It was a good ass whooping. 4700 yards total after warm up and warm down
Today I took advantage of the Y's winter hours and managed to add another swim session to the mix. I figure since the achilles is still a little inflamed it was best to not do any leg work so I did 4100 yards in the pool. Main set 8x 200 on 2:50 I was making them roughly 2:45 not blazing fast but with all the crap going on in the last few months I had been in maintain fitness instead of stomp bitches mode. That will change as next semester my German training partner, Bjoern will return and once again I will have someone to pace me in our night runs through the hood and on whatever rides we can arrange. Hopefully be Taupo will be scene of mass carnage and for the right reasons ( me winning my age group not puking my guts out at km 2 on the run.) This week I begin scouting the competition so far some of the main contenders in my AG haven't sprung up but I've just tossed in a few names so over the next week I'll sit down with pen and paper and see just how realistic my odds of a Kona slot are.Also I shouldn't count out any of the guys that finished behind me either, some better equipment, better training plans,coaching, 2009 is a whole new year. Hopefully my leg and the weather will get themseleves in gear and I'll be able to start it off right.

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