Saturday, January 24, 2009

Angry Rehab.

Ok before everyone sits there and pictures me doing stretching exercises, with a scowl on my face. Let me explain as mentioned about 9999 times before I messed up a major tendon in my foot, named after one bad ass Greek military hero. If you want to see why said injury has me freaked out watch the first um well... "chase" scene in House of Wax ( a pretty bad B-movie but Paris Hilton gets what's coming to her so it's worth it.)

Well upon rather sprited comments from the Angry Runner and my own fear of needing major reconstructive well as ways to try to get myself back on my feet maybe not faster but better prepared for the hellish regiment I put myself through,I went to him for advice on stretching and strengthening this thing. His advice has helpped as I've noticed a drop in the swelling nearly overnight...well ok it's not a " wow it ain't bulging let's go run 20 miles..." drop but enough I feel confident that if I continue the regiment and I can get the ok from a PT that I could be able to get on an eliptical later this week....not going to push it but if I can get my legs back in a running- type motion it will be a big boost to my morale.

Cycling and swimming, no real issues, I'm not going to be doing any major climbs or incredibly high tension work on the bike for the next week so that will help with the rehab as well as get miles in the saddle....let the huge bike block continue. Today not much on tap..a freeze my beans ride up at the lake..a call to Angry and a new list of exercises to try to build strength and mobility and ease tension. The Ironman..well I'm not really thinking about it at this point I figure as long as I can get through the bike leg and my ankle has healed enough that I can get a least some eliptical and run work I will be able to survive it...maybe not a PR...but as long as I LISTEN TO MY BODY I don't do something stupid like push the pace and pop the damn thing, I should be good...I've already got base mileage and I know my leg can survive 15 miles at this point...Wednesday Feb. 4 with a little more than month remaining before the race I'll have a clearer picture of what kind of shape I'll be in. I have trained for a marathon in a month like this coming back from injury, granted that was Nashville and the culprit was my knee. Until then, swim/ bike/ stretch/ triggerpoint/ lift/ anti-inflamatory/ omega 3/ ice repeat.

Recovering Nicely.

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