Saturday, January 24, 2009

I don't thnk this is what they had in mind when they said "ice your leg."

Well today, since there was no snow flying I headed up to Lake Waramaug to get some much needed out door riding in. I was begining to lose my mind with all the indoor spinning ,and with not being able to run most of my training has me staying in one place.( 12 more days......) Today it was about 30F (-1C) when I left work I gathered my crap and drove up to the lake figuring I could get a good 2-3 hours in the saddle. The temperature was still at my 30F threshold when I started riding but as my loop progressed, the odd placement of my orthopedic insert as well as a bone chilling 20 mph headwind sort of took the wind out of my sails. I managed about 3 loops and then called it quits as hypothermia was begining to set in. I had really wanted to push for 40 miles but my insert sliding around and not being able to feel my toes despite toe warmers,3 pairs of socks and neoprene shoe covers made err on the side of caution. Total distance was about 23.69 miles, 37km nowhere near what I wanted but as long as things keep progressing nicely on the injury and maybe we end up with seasonal temperatures instead of weekly artic blasts I should be able to get my mileage up. Oh and the Temperature at the end of my ride a tropical 23F (-5C) least I rode the Temperature.
Otherwise, does anyone own the Spinnervals Hardcore 100?

Also for the third time in my career I ended up with a Gatorade Slushie.If that doesn't tell you it's cold nothing will.

Tomorrow since temps are predicted to be at hunt your own mammoth levels I'm think that the pool followed by a spin indoor brick is in order. But for right now I'll be happy to feel my toes again.

I really need to move to Some place warmer.

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Charisa said...

Gatorade slushie - they should sell those!! :) Good job out there!