Thursday, January 22, 2009

Get the Ortho out of your head.

Well tonight I got on the bike for about two hours. First time was for about 20min.before a little tension in my calf got me freaked out and my ortho's voice was ringing in my head " If you put toomuch pressure on it it will rupture...blah blah yadda yadda." After a mini-meltdown in which I vented to my sister in Newport that I'm scared out of my fucking mind about snapping this thing...and giving my self a heaping dose of Harden The Fuck Up! I got back on the trainer... and rode for an hour an a half...some tension in the calf and hams but they are not my tendon.. also they're the muscles supplying power to my pedal stroke.A little ankle movement during the ride no big this dude's playing a head game. Pretty much all he told me was "don't run. Swim" that was it. And oh yeah "stretch,and if you feel any thing getting worse give me a call."

So Angry what are you doing Sunday say around 5ish... I will agree that my right leg isn't pulling it's fair share on the run...most likely the result of an early ITBS issue from my Nashville training (I was hobbling around on my right leg with knee pain for week.) That and it was incredibly weak during my lunge session on Tuesday.Also the weakness in my right side and lower back is easy to spot, the left side it might be a little more difficult.

On the cycling I'll say the one major thing that did help was the insert, I noticed my left foot was pulling the pedal more maybe the trip to the doc's office wasn't so worthless....if nothing else it improved my cycling technique.

The Ironman a question mark at this point...I'll assess before my hotel payment is due because if I have to bail I don't want to lose even more money.


Claire said...

So, wait. Your calf did or did not hurt while you were biking?

Bob Almighty said...

Didn't hurt but I could feel it twitching like it normally does..

The thing that freaked me out was psychosematic ( I know I botched the spelling job) It's sort of like telling a kid with chicken pox not to scratch all of a sudden everything itches..same with this your afraid of the tell-tale snap or any tightness in the ankle and all of a sudden you're hypersensitive to every little movement and muscle twitch.

Speed Racer said...

All I can say is: err on the side of caution, or you may not get to compete in the 20-24 age group ever again!

(PS Psychosomatic, you were close!)