Wednesday, February 18, 2009

I broke my brakes...

Well last night as I was re-assembling the Stomper after cleaning off a week's worth of salt, sand and road grime, I noticed the rear brakes would just go into the locked position and not return to normal. After hours of cleaning the brake assembly and messing with the wiring to no avail I've decided to see the source of all cycling knowledge, the Buhdda of Bianchis, the Zen of Zinn, the Guru of well..Gurus: Al aka my mechanic.

I already know I'm going to get the " How the hell did you do that?" and other phrases stating I was probably a canidate for round paper and safety sissors, in childhood. But the good thing about Al is he shows you how to fix and adjust this stuff on your that way the next time you walk into the shop he's knows it's an emergency, and probably involves some blood, gore, chicken wire and the need for a welder, or at the very least requires new parts.

I'm thinking it's going to need a new cable, also since I'm down there my shifter cables could use a tightening... figure might as well do my pre race tune up now so I can get a couple more good rides on it, just so that way the wires can do their stretching now instead of on race day.

Now I've got to go get an offering for the Enlightened one....Red Bull.

On a path toward riding or in this case stopping ...Nirvana.

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