Friday, February 20, 2009


Well I browsed over to Judi's Blog and she had been tagged for an I decided eh what the hell I'll do one.

Here are her 5 questions and in interview style with my smart ass answers.

1. if you could have any bike in the world, what would it be?

I was going to make a comment on cervelo seeking missiles, but I'll be serious...
Two contenders for this one.

Road: Specialized S-works Tarmac.
I love Specialized bicycles that and their ridden by some of the fastest sprinters in the tour. I'd probably equip it with shimano ultegra because even through I heard SRAM Red's the shit and Dura Ace is lighter Ultegra has longevity, plus I don't want to be one of the cool kids drinking the kool aid as they test out their Newtons and ride their Cervelo's, granted eventually I do want to give SRAM a go. Figure Look Keo Carbon pedals, and Zipp 404 Clinchers I don't do the tubular thing, plus $100/ per flat is a little expensive especially on the roads I ride.

Tri/ Time Trial: Specialized S-Works Transition
I'm a fan of Macca granted I would love this thing decked out in a custom paint job, preferably HEAT colors with a flame job. Components either Ultegra or SRAM Red, preferably Zipp 404 on the Front and a 606 on the back ( clinchers as stated above.) I like deep dish wheels but I like control in cross winds as well. Profile Design carbon base bar and T-2 cobra areo bars, Look Keo carbons a selle itallia saddle, and I'm good to go.

2. what is your fastest 100m in the pool?
Well that's a really good question...I used to compete short course yards so my fastest 100 yd Free was a 56.9 I did as a relay split as a Freshman in college. My fastest 100 m in a long course (50m) pool was a 1:10 ( roughly a 1:03 100 yd time) in practice.

3. what is the farthest distance you have ever swam?
In competition 2.4 miles. In a straight shot in practice 4700 Yards. Broken up in a single Practice 12,000 yards. In a single day 20,000 was rough.

4. what keeps you up at night?

Other than the 5 cups of coffee I drink in a single have to say my sister Iming me from Newport and class work, although bills and life stresses play a roll too. A big thing has been a feeling of selfishness, part of me feels like I'm too critical of others and myself and that maybe I don't do enough to help other people out.

5. if you were to get a tattoo, what would it be and why?

This one is a good one... I'm getting a Tat on my ankle if I qualify for Kona and it will NOT be an m-dot. Initially I was thinking a symbol from the race I qualified from ie if I qualified in Arizona a cactus, New Zealand, a silver fern or Maori band, Kentucky...well a Fleur d' lily might work... figure if it's permanent it should be small yet meaningful. Another thing I was thinking was maybe a classic New England Symbol of a snake in the grass with the words "Don't Tread on Me!" to embrace my attitude of trying to not let life or what others think I should do get to me. Picked the ankle/ back of the leg because it's a spot that I can keep covered in the work place especially since I'm looking at going into Medicine and I don't want a 75 year old patient getting freaked out by a tatooed sleeve as I'm consulting them about titanium knee joints. Plus it gets less of a sag factor in old age.

Well those were Judi's five questions...anyone wish to become victim/ volunteer of the Blogger Inquistion?



Judi said...

i liked your answers. 20k yards in one day? wow. i knew you used to compete, that's why i asked.

thanks for playing the game.

p.s. when are you doing imky?

Speed Racer said...

You know that if you could afford either of those bikes you'd be able to afford training wheels (clinchers) and race wheels (deep dish sew-ups), right? And they come with ultegra standard, I believe.

Bob Almighty said...

Well on the clincher thing from what I heard from some hardcore roadies tubulars do have a lot of advantages but...they are still a pain in the ass to change on the road, you have to make sure they're centered and glued right...personally I'm happy with clinchers...even if I had the money for tubulars.

On the IM KY I'm thinking either 2010 or depends definitely on the short list of races I want to do.