Saturday, March 21, 2009

On the Road again....

Well it's official I'm back to training. After two weeks of slacking off, eatting not so healthy food, and just being lazy in it's back to work. I went for a 5 mile run today did it in 47:24...a little slow but for my first time running since the Ironman I'll take it. Tomorrow a ride with Josie and Caitlin..figure 30-40 miles. Monday it's going to be frigid so I'm figuring weights, pool, run, and study. ( I'm on break so I have my afternoons free.) Tuesday or Wedneday I might ride outdoors again, take advantage of decent weather while I can. But as for Today 5 miles in the legs is what has kicked off my hellish training regiment for Providence 70.3.

I also signed up to volunteer at Rev 3 hoping to work either transition or registration, hopefully they won't see my guard cert expires on June 30 and try to put me in a kayak.

Well that's all for me.

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Bullet said...

Gettting back on the horse is almost as hard as taking off enough time to let your body recover. Good to see you managed two weeks off. that's good discipline.