Wednesday, March 4, 2009

T-minus 48 hours

Today was registration day. The day you get that little braclet with an m-dot that confirms what you already know you are an athlete. The nerves are starting to build as I ran through my gear checklist in the hotel room...wetsuit, goggles, cap and chip in the swim bag. Taped the bike numbers and put my bento box on the stomper, tested the wetsuit in the endless pool and got some quick free stroke analysis packed my run gear bag, complete with medical tape to avoid blisters like last year, figure there is no way in hell I can't find a roll of medical tape in transition.

I met up with Catherine this morning she couldn't stay long as she had to be back to help photograph a wedding. Found out one of her friends took her on as photographer instead of a bridesmaid...she was like "what gives?" Cat I'd make you my groomsma..woman if I ever decide to get hitched...which is probably never...but the thought is out there....also her boyfriend is a lucky man as she is into muscle cars....goddamn it why can't I find a girl like that in the US who isn't hitting on chicks too....

I ended up getting a new wetsuit as my old one was in need of repair...I managed to upgrade to a Blue Seventy Helix for $200 USD by donating my old one to their Tri NZ charity, they'll patch it up and give it to a kid like me when I was just starting out and hopefully he'll kick some ass earn a pro card and one day I'll be seeing him fly by me at Kona. The circle of Karma.

On the souvenir front they didn't have sling bags only green style shopping bags and backpacks. I need a new backpack so it's all good. Jonathan expect the shopping bag in the mail.

Bjoern I got stickers for the bike case and even more to boot.

Catherine as soon as they start selling the finisher's t-shirts..I'll send you one...just so that way you can gloat be careful I don't enter you in the drawing for a free entry into this race next year...actually Bjoern, guys want me to throw you in the drawing?

Everything else is falling into place...just have the carbo load tonight I managed to hitch a ride with some dudes from Singapore...

I got a pre race massage and a pre race triggerpoint demo needless to say I was tight as hell but it loosened me right up.

Well that's enough from me...I've got some carbs to munch.

Smoke on the water.


LG said...

Excitement! Good Luck! Have Fun! Show that course what you got!

iron-boyer said...

go right ahead and through my name in for the draw :)
I will be on your ass tracking you online. Good Luck!

Judi said...

i am nervous for you too!