Thursday, February 14, 2008

Proletariats of the World Unite...or It's Valentines day!

Ok, yes I stole the first title from Karl Marx, I had to write the 4th essay on The Communist Manifesto, in as many years because if you're a European History Major you get this little 30 page pamphlet (and 100 page introduction) slammed down you're throat more times than you care to read it. Now seriously, on paper Communism looks good, but that's just looks good on PAPER! So after my usual 3 page summary of what Marx and Engels were trying to say, fiscal analysis of 1840's Britain and Prussia, and political commentary of the times, I than gave a few case studies of why Communism has failed and at its core is the Utopian idea of a philosopher who just happended to know a little history and economics. ( Think China.There are sweatshops in China, communism was supposed to rid the world of sweatshops so why are there sweatshops in Communist China?) Ok rant on my homework asignment done.

For all of us wage slaves in the Capitalist World Today is Valentine's Day, or as most of us know it as the " Oh crap I've got to go spend a truckload of money on my significant other" day Now today is a day I'm glad I'm single, no girlfriend= no spending. So in a financial sense being a 22 year old spinster makes cents.......ok tacky financial humor done.

I can't really think of anything triathlon related to throw in today because weather and class work has sort of restricted me to a desk for the past two days. I feel like I'm going to gain 300 pounds if I don't stop eating and start working out ASAP, that's what the weekend's for right?
Also, I managed to get Decals for my bike, unfortunately they are too large for me to put names on TBS. I will try to find smaller ones other wise I will have my arms sharpied up.
Well that's all for now.

Bourgeoisie Capitalists Unite!

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Mr. Satan A. Chilles said...

That's so funny, I majored in Euro Disco!

Anyway, Marx and Engels were a load of laughs, weren't they? And you're right about China's 'socialism' and the sweatshops.

I LOVE 19th century European history, so someday when you're not thinking about getting to the other side of the planet to swim, etc., post a list of good books on the subject so we all know what to read while we're tapering.