Monday, February 11, 2008

Did I mention that I REALLY hate winter!!!

What was supposed to be Bob-o's mini tour de Connecticut Weekend , turned into a Saturday long Run and a bored to tears 90 min. Trainer session. Why? Mother Nature took a look at the calendar and decided to drop some of the white stuff.

Snowy Saturday!
Saturday wasn't too bad snow was stiking to the grass surfaces but the asphalt was more or less just wet. so I decided to get my last long run before the IM in. ( I would have gotten onto the bike except there were some sulshy spots, especially at the bottom of hills.) I did two of my 8 mile loops. with a 2 min. bathroom break in between. The 16 mile oddessey took about 2:35, not my fastest effort but with soaking wet and freezing cold feet I'll take it. I figured the loop would help me prepare for the two loop marathon, afterall nothing is worse than running to the top of murderous hill and then coming to the realization you have to do it twice. I figured I'd run my usual deadly back half up Boundline Rd. ( I had orginally thought of running into Southington but decided not to risk life and limb on 322.) I finished my run with the most poetic stream of explatives as I ended up running through a slushy puddle infront of my drive way, pushing my already cold feet closer to frostbite. But 16 miles in a snow storm isn't bad. After my post run shower I went a got a hair cut for the first time in 4 months, I never knew how much I tookfor granted not having to pull my bangs out of my face to see.

Sunday Sweaty Sunday!
I woke up late on Sunday Morning, only to look out the window and see snow blowing around. After mumbling " I f**king Hate winter !" under my breath, I ate a "not heathly for you" breakfast. Only to look out and see the weather was came the decision: To ride or to Trainer? In a very insurance type way I weighed the options:
Ride outside:
Won't sweat like a Turkish Weightlifter in the middle of summer.
Will actually have a change of scenery.
Get to work on handling skills.
Narrow, and slick roadways
Killer Cross winds
I'll Freeze my ass off.
Having way the options in a calculated risk managerment style I decided that it would be a reasonable execution of opportunity to use the trainer that I had at my disposal.
So I popped in the coming of age early 80's film "Breaking Away" featuring a Young Daniel Stern amd Dennis Quaid. also the fact that it has Dennis Christopher playing a wise cracking "wantabe Italian" Cyclist. So I sprinted during most of the bike race scenes getting in a nice
3x30 min. in the big ring rear ring 15 with 5 min. Small Rig rear ring 15 recovery.
I decided that 90 min., 3 water bottles, and the fact my cycling jersey was drenched in at least a gallon of sweat, that I wasn't going to go any futher. ( Using the Paul and Roch Method the distance you do on the trainer is double what you do on the road. So by their "fuzzy math" my 90 min. trainer ride equates to 3 hours on road. )
I came up showered and got ready to go to a Late Mass, ( having slept through the regualr one I go to.) Only to find a mini blizzard was going on outside....I called Angry to speak of this development interupting him on his date with a potential "baby mama"...I mean... having dinner with a friend, to whom he was "faking an engagement" to get her into the CT Bridal Expo. Seriously I think I'm going to have to try that. My plans of "refreshing my sprit." thwarted I gave The Bitch Stomper a good scrubbing, removing sand, salt and sweat accumilated by a month's worth of cold weather rides and trainer workouts. I plan on going to the hobby shop and getting some dry transfer decals for my bike, otherwise I'll be reduced to dollar store stickers, for my fundraising promise.

Well that's all for the weekend up date.

The Terror of the Tundra

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