Monday, February 11, 2008

This Week's poll: Planes, Trains and Automobiles.

Well, the last poll put up got alot of results, aparently 71% of my readers want me hairless...on that note I will be shaving my arms and legs for this affair but no one's messing with the new doo!

This weeks poll expresses the options of how to get to JFK Airport.
Now my Dad works a double shift on Saturday and my Mom has said no to driving into the city on a Saturday, to an airport she has no clue how to get to. Car services are ludicrisly expensive so I have put my Fordham Education of the NYC Transit system to work here here are my options:

A. My buddy Adam drives me to New Haven's Union Station. I Take the Amtrak out of New Haven to Penn Station, then take the Long Island RailRoad to Jamaica Center, then from the the Air Train to my terminal. Total Cost $45 not including excess baggage fee to check my bike case. the other slight draw back is I wouldn't arrive at JFK about a half hour before my flight, leaving not a lot of time to check in my baggage and get through security.

B. Adam drives my butt to New Haven, I hop on my Old Friend the Metro North Rail Road and get into Grand Central. From there I grab a cab for the $45 flat fare. There are a lot of pros to this one. The first is I can take as much luggage as I can carry on the Metro North, I remember the Summer I spent working at Fordham, taking on a backpack, duffle, and two green garbage bags full of clothes, cookware, and foodstuffs. The second is I can catch an earlier train and be in the City at 9:15 AM catch a cab and be at JFK at least an hour before I'm set to leave for the Left Coast. the only draw back is getting stuck in NYC Traffic...which if I leave early enough won't be a problem.

C. Throw all my crap on my back and ride my bike into JFK. This was a ludacrious suggestion by my boss. There are several drawbacks including , my bad aim with an uzi while pedaling through Jamaica Queens. (think the Chris Rock NYC Bike Tour.)

D. Bribing either Angry or Adam to drive my deadbeat ass to JFK. ...Guys we go way back and been through a whole heap together.......I'll pay gas and coffee!

Personally I like plan B!

the Globe Trotter


Mr. Satan A. Chilles said...

Plan B does sound better. Too many 'transitions' in Plan A. Of course, the Angry Express sounds fun, too...

Angry Runner said...

This saturday or next saturday? Can't be this Saturday...

I think the E train (?) runs from somewhere to Jamaica station or whatever, saving the cab ride if you went B. Then again, that's a ton of shit to haul around. Did you check out CT Limo, I think they have a shuttle that makes regular runs to JFK.

The Angry Express may (MAY!) be available. I'll have to see which car can hold your bicycle in the most convenient fashion.

Runner Leana said... my thoughts on air travel... Given that your final destination is international you may need to be checked in at least 60 minutes prior to your flight. Option A with the 30 minute window sounds like you would have a good shot of not making your plane. I've been denied checking in before when I got to the check in desk with 30 minutes to spare. Hopefully you can sweet talk Angry into helping you out. Good luck!

Bob Almighty said...

Angry: I have checked out CT Limo, it looks like a good option, so I think I might be able to spare the Angry Express, unless of course you want to pick my dead ass up from JFK but I'm in the process of changing my return flight so I can get in at a time condusive to CT limo/MTA transport. Grantted the Angry Express could probably have me form door to JFK in less than 2 hours.

Satan: Plan B was my best option especially since I could carry a dead body on to the Metro North and not get questioned.. Although checking the prices for CT Limo's shuttle is only $10 more.

Leana: Technically my dealinsgs with American Airlines are only for my domestic flights between JFK and LAX My connection is with air New Zealand whih is under a United Airlines Alliance group..although knowing my luck I'd get stuck behind the guy with two titanium hips, a pace maker and dental implants and have to wait an hour to get through security. So I hear on the "get there early" thing.

Bob Almighty said...

ok my spelling sucks sorry bout that