Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Taper has begun....

Last night officially began my taper, I got in only 3000 yards in the pool last night with Miss Karas, granted a majority of it was kicking. As described earlier mother nature threw a wrench in the works of me getting a long ride in so it turned into a 90 min. trainer session on Sunday. This week I'm planning on 2 or 3 45-60 min. Trainer sessions, and 2 to 3 runs of no longer than 15 miles. If the weather is actually good on Saturday, and that is a big if according to Scott ( takes it up the ) Hanney, I will break out the road bike and try to get a real ride in, but as always it depends on the weather.
I'm partially afraid of the gear I'm wearing in NZ. I'm wearing my HEAT livery which is Louis Garneau and I'm sponsored by Zoot, my GU/Zoot gear isn't scheduled to arrive until Easter so I'm hoping this will not be a "breach of sponsor ship." but my only other alternative is to wear my speedo gear...so my HEAT livery is getting the green light for its only apperance of the 2008 tri season ( unless we get HEAT Head Sweats, then that will get worn every race.) granted I'm using my WetZoot and eating Gu so that should cover me right? ( thought of an answer to Shot Blocks....Gu-bers)
I've also began thinking about life post Ironman, first priority goes back to classwork and financial well-being, then the summer race schedule. Eagleman, the Patriot, and Nutmeg State are definiately on the calendar...I have decided that this summer will be devoted to keeping myself Ironman ready, the more long stuff I can do over the Summer the better preped I will be for a possible Kona shot or another Crack at an early season IM next year. Right now I'm on track with my goal to be able to throw down for a half at a moment's notice.

Well on tap for tonight, class, a possible pool workout, unless it really starts getting bad, then my trainer and an hour of spining will be my evening.

Well those are my ramblings for now.


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Speed Racer said...

Those 3 15 milers don't sound like much of a taper. As Dave Scott said, "Don't leave it all out on the Queen K... the week before the race".

Hooray for tapers!