Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Well if I can't hold myself to a taper, mother nature's going to do it for me.

That's right Mother Nature is making up for "spoiling" us all winter, by giving us more snow in the this week than she has dished out all winter ( an old school Nor'Easter is predicted for Sunday into Monday, but I'll believe it when I have to drive through it.). Now I could react in one of two ways
The first: Go on my usual 5 year old-esque temper tantrum of how much I hate the white stuff and as soon as I'm financially secure with degree in hand I'm moving to California, Hawaii, Florida...insert local where 40 degress is considered an artic cold front here. And gripe that mother nature is wrecking my well orcastrated training plans...again.

The Second: Take it as a warning from the fates to take it easy, give the trainer a little love, cut my yardage in the pool and not work my legs on long runs, which I would be sure to do if the weather was ...well more conducive to distance training.

So I'm going to take option B this time around. It is two weeks before an legs do need rest..granted I would have like to have done one more longer ride but I'll suck it up with the 75 miler...I'll go easy on the first loop and then hammer it home on loop 2 and save what I can for the marathon. As for the improving my mood, I'm going to pop in some Jimmy Buffet, Crank my space heater up, put on a flowery shirt and dream Kona...
if only I could find my long lost shaker of salt....

Alright that's enough of that.

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