Saturday, March 29, 2008

7 miles to sanity.....

Well more of like 7.5-8 miles but irregardless. As hinted by my last few posts, I have lived to do 3 things, eat food in mass quantities, study and work, somewhere in there I managed to eek out some pool time. Today, I managed to accomplish a little, I got my paper topic formula thingy done, filed for financial aid, passed out for an hour because I have been running on little sleep. It was after my hour of nap time that I decided I needed to run damn it. Now normally, this would result in me throwing on long sleeves and shorts and going for a quick 4 miler then back to the grind, but I decided to commit academic blasphemy and devote an hour to getting back some clarity. 60 min. of not reading on how Victorian Men were bi-polar, Mr. Liston treated surgery like it was playtime with power tools, or what my hope learning credits were for 2007.

In essence 60 min to let my mind wander while I dodged traffic.

I threw on long pants and went on my 7.5 -8 mile loop of the Wolcott Rd. Side of Wolcott. Now for those unfamilar with this route, it begins flat with me running down the main road, then down some rink-a-dink side street, then past Scovil's damn then up Boundline road which is rolling. It starts out flat and ends with a Tour de France esque climb to the Center of town, then back on to some smaller rollers past the high school, a semi- flat to down hill back to Route 69 then back the way I came with some nice rollers before a slight false flat down hill to the homestead.

Now this has been the longest run I have done since a little race about a month ago, so when I started I was a little nerveous , but the thought of having to chain myself to the computer on a beautiful day , drove me forward, I wanted to enjoy an hour of decent weather. So I took off on my route, zoning into my usual wandering, ramblings and day dreams. One of them being the typical being the favorite in Hawaii and having a minute lead in the last 2 miles of the marathon with Macca, Cam Brown, and Craig Alexander all chasing me down, that is a fantasy that reocurrs often, maybe one day it will come to fruition. Anyhoo, after purging this daydream out of my system, my thoughts turned back to classwork, how would I formulize my paper, the fact if I had to read another article on amputation I might as well just send my 3 shillings to Dr. John T. Ripper 34 Miller's Court Whitechapel, London for my portable surgical kit, complete with Liston Knife, bone saw, and Opium. ( for those of you who don't get this joke, watch the movie From Hell, or think of some event in 1888 London and it will come to you.)Any way after I got my Kona fantasy and sick jokes of how I could have fun with Victorian Medicine, I just began to appreciate the sheer joy of being out an running again. My New Balance 720s were feeling negelcted just being used for daily walks or household errands, so getting back on the road was a welcome release. Also my knees weren't as tight as they were on my IM+14 day 4 miler, so the 7 miles actually felt good. I noticed the Robins coming back, nearly had a Pheasant give me a heart attack, and just relished the fact that it was 5:30PM and I was not racing the setting sun. I was also surprised that despite my hiatus I still had about the same speed and base strength. I managed to get the run in in a not too shabby 1:03 so it was right on par with my normal training run. So all in all it was a pretty good day.

So there it was in essence I got some of what I needed to done, and took some time to clear my burdened head, all in all I'm feeling decent, not as good as I did post Ironman, but better than I did Monday Afternoon.

Hopefully switching to the B train


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Speed Racer said...

Sometimes getting out there and clearing your head for an hour is way more useful than if you'd kept studying the whole time. The mind can only handle so much. Study hard and someday you'll be rich enough to make all those Kona fantasies come true.

(Re: Boston, they do have a similar system to NY where they give x number of slots to local running clubs to pass out by whatever criteria they deem fit. Problem is, I'm not in a running club, I'm already raising $$ for charity, and I'm not fast enough to qualify. Thanks for the reminder about how women got into the race in the first place. I needed that.)