Thursday, March 27, 2008

Help a sister help others.....

A few months ago Speed Racer helpped me out by putting up a link to My War on ALS fundraising page and I decided to return the favor.
Speed Racer is raising funds for the San Francisco AIDS foundation to partcipate in the 5 day LA to SanFrancisco AIDS ride. Now I know what everyones is saying, " Damn it Bob you're making me reach into my wallet again!" but seriously, unlike the War on ALS where I was already entered into the event and my fundraising just went to the cause, Speedy has to raise $2500 or she can't ride. So far she has raised over $1600 but still needs about $900 to be able to ride. I'm not asking that anyone go crazy and donate $1000 ( if you want to I'm sure she' d appreciate it) but if you could throw a buck or two her way it would help her ride also it would help buy life saving drugs for AIDS patients, as well as fund awareness and prevention programs.

The US drug companies manufacture several of the anti- retrovirals that help combat HIV/AIDS yet Pifzer isn't really putting these treatments in the bargin bin. For third World countries especially sub-sharan Africa this is a major hinderance to combating the pandemic. Despite demands from the WHO (World Health Organization) to make these drugs generically, The US government has decided protecting drug company patents and profits take priority ( I could get into a whole rant on this but won't.) In any case it is non-profit groups such as the San Francisco AIDS foundation that provide testing, care, information and advocacy for lower income AIDS patients. Every donation no matter how small helps.
To make a donation to Speedy's fundraising site click on the link I have posted at the top of the website or click here.


Angry Runner said...

Communist swine! How dare you stifle pharma innovation and speak nonsense of profitz, comrade Bob-O!

Anonymous said...

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