Monday, March 24, 2008

I think I need to give up my sport and day job and devote myself to school.

Well the results from the first quiz of the semester came back in my history 301 course and the results were not good. a "D" the first D of my collegiate career at Central. Knowing that New Zealand has put me behind the eight ball and that I have a lot of research to to get done to pass this course I am debating on stopping all outside activity that does not involve me sitting fingering through a stack of 19th century medical literarture. Right now these are the sounds of a panic stricken student, my other classes seem to be going ok. I have a midterm to type tonight, and other items (I have to email of my thesis statement and intensions to my History professor) on the agenda. Right now the idea of me even enjoying exercise seems impossible, I feel I have to chain myself to the desk for my professors and employers ( and in the process gain 300lbs.) It just seems in my current state there aren't enough hours in the day for me to please everyone. I get up at 6AM and collaspe at 1AM to get up and do it all over again. Last week was break and I was so exhausted and stressed out that I didn't get shit done ( my own damn fault but regardless.) I'm hanging up the speedo, deflating my tires, and putting my running shoes on ice until May ( doesn't give me a hell of alot of time to train) I need to get work done because other wise this degree ain't happening.

The Stressed out Scholastic.


Ken Schulz said...

Nothin wrong with a little time off. I say rest up, focus on what needs to be done, and hammer the tri when there's more time! Besides, occasional light training makes for great stress relief.

Big ass sitter said...

You have to do whats best for you. And only you know what that is. It looks like you may need some time management to work in just a small much (grandsons term) training just to keep your peace of mind. Good luck with it all.

Speed Racer said...

Oh no! A D, that's no good. Sounds like you've got the right idea, and it's a good thing you don't have anything big coming up. Who knows, maybe your body will even benefit more from the rest and the break than if you'd been tearing yourself to bits the whole time.

Now crack those books and keep your head down!

Angry Runner said...

It is easier to pick up a sport after a hiatus than it is to remediate shitty grades...been there...the shitty grades part. You know what you need to do.