Saturday, March 15, 2008

The last of the "lazy Saturdays."/ Unleashing what's in my head.

Well my two week off season of day dreaming and cookie munching has come to its premature end, I have decided that several boxes of thin mints in the course of a week , with only 2 swim workouts to keep off weight will result in an exponetially large Bob, hence a larger mass to pull through the water, pedal on the bike, and strain my legs running. ( Damn you girl scouts and your crack laced cookies.) I figure since Claire wants to ride next weekend I'll be down for it. My bike split needs work and a long session on the Bitch Stomper would be just what the doctor ordered after I finish the shit load of class work my professors have levied upon me. So if your down for a Saturday Afternoon Session I'd be cool with that.

I have spent most of the day ridding myself of the last of the jet lag, and finding myself with another sort of hangover, this one freaking girl that I cannot get out of my head.....if I still feel this way in 6 months I will tell said girl how I feel but until then I will try to hide my feelings. Angry stopped by the homestead we shot the shit for a while. He knows the identity of mystery girl, my plans to upgrade the Stomper and the limbo I'm stuck in over the Disney Marathon ( Most likely a no but I'll show up for IM bike training and moral support (hopefully I'll be able to volunteer as one of those course marshall bikes and get an old school blogger pace train going.)). Also this July I might be making a road trip to Lake Placid, NY to volunteer for the Ironman and achieve the self serving purpose of registering for the 2009 edition of Ironman USA.( any blogers hoping for slots into this event are encouraged to come up with me as it sell out in 5 min over the net.) While it's still early to discuss 2009 I have my prelim calendar set up

Mar. 7 Ironman New Zealand
June: Eagleman, Griskus Olympic, Waramaug,
July : Patriot or RI? Griskus sprint, Lake Placid
Aug. Niantic, Park City
Sept. Hammerfest, Nutmeg Half
Oct. Kona ( God willing.)

This summer I plan on going for my certifications to sell stock and insurance and hope to move from the Bank's teller line to the investment rep's cubicle, either that or have the abilities to earn major commission.( I figure next year I might take some finance courses as fillers between my history and gen eds., but the bank sponsored courses should tell me the basic in' s and out's of investment products. I can read the stock market ( Buy in big petroleum huge profit margins!) and understand mutual funds, but I need some fine tuning.) In any case I hoping to net more income to try to and finance my racing ambitions.

Also in the deep anals of my mind is a desire to go pro, I know I am at least 2 to 3 years of hardcore training away from even considering an elite licence (an 11 hour Ironman is fast but I KNOW I can go faster if I can train better, and push harder ( exampled by the fact I was able to walk with minimal stiffness afterward.)) I would love to be in a postition to be paid to train but I know for as fast as I am there are just as many people who can fly by me like I'm standing still. I figure when I'm 25 if I have qualified for Kona and placed high in my age group ( 3rd or higher) then I will consider going pro. New Zealand was an eye opening experience for me I did an 11:13 on min. bike training and no true speed work. This summer will be " The Summer of the Stomper" or mostly comitted to improving my bike split. 06 was about getting back in the water and into shape, 07 was about increasing distance and intensity on the run. This year will be getting more quality on the bike and 09 will hopefully be the year I put it all together and manage to qualify for my goal races ( Kona, LD Nats.) I know I can do Irons and half Irons now I want to win one.

Alright so I've gotten a little carried away , but if you don't dream big what's the point of dreaming.

Well now I've got to grab some grub, the Wood n' tap is calling my name.

The guy with his head in the clouds.


rocketpants said...

Good luck with all the dreaming and certifications! It'll come together at some point and you will know what direction to go in. (at least a little better)

Speed Racer said...

I get fired up just reading about your plans and dreams! When's Placid? I'll think about volunteering with you, but I'm hoping to do Lanzarote next year.

Would you be available to do Friday instead of Saturday, or do you not have the weekend off? I'm still not sure whether to do Friday or Saturday, but Friday is a bit better for me. Yippee for outdoor riding! I haven't been out since we froze our toes off in November.

Just a suggestion, but if you want to be a better rider, you should go on more group rides. Then again, I think once you get more long rides under your belt, your riding is going to take of exponentially. I think you have the drive and talent to be hitting sub-10-hour ironmans soon enough. Just lay off the girl scout cookie habit!