Saturday, May 31, 2008

Hot and humid run.

Well I just finished a 15 mile run from my Grandpa's place accross town and back. I figure If I'm doing Eagleman I might as well get one last long run in. Since the course is expected to be flat I thought I would work some hills just for good measure. The weather was hot and humid, definitely good practice since they expect it to be 83 and humid next Sunday in Maryland. Didn't really get to bike today, but it's still early yet. So far this week I've managed a total of 5000 yds in the pool, got this run in and an 8.5 miler Thursday night in Cheshire. Tomorrow I plan on at least getting 60 on the bike, I might go for 20 tonight, we'll see how the weather is. Bjoern is racing Switzerland 70.3 tomorrow his blog is here, he feels fast and the course isn't as brutal as he anticipated so hopefully he'll secure himself a Clearwater slot. Right now I'm drenched in sweat and drinking like it's going out of style, so the fuel belt might be making and appearance next weekend, it did today and it helpped, other wise I would be sitting on the side of the road crawling toward the nearest house desperately drinking from the garden hose. There was a slight breeze at some points but for the most part it was like running in a steam room. Shade helpped ut not much and you know it's bad when I'm praying for traffic to get a slight breeze. Well that's all for now.

The Sweaty Soujourner

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