Thursday, August 14, 2008

Am I what I eat?

Upon several emails to Catherine she has often joked she doesn't know how to cook for an athlete, and has made references to me having some sort of "mystical athlete's diet" while it is true a couple days before a race I tend to go lighter on the fried foods, and I try to get some fresh fruits and vegetables in the diet regularly, I eat like the average 23 year old. I still eat chips, ice cream, drink coca cola like it's going out of style. I eat white bread,granted I am sort of going over to whole wheat, white pasta, and processed sauce. My mornings are usually started by a bowl of somewhat healthy cereal ( as my Grandpa is a diabetic so no Lucky Charms for him.) Dunkin Donuts coffee is my down fall, occasionally I celebrate with 1 or 2 bottles of Sam Adams ( except for the post Ironman Pub crawl I haven't really hit the bar since Sophomore year of college, too much liquor makes me act like a moron.) I eat at Wendy's at least once every two weeks. My friend Adam and I are hot wing connoisseurs. Don't get me started on pizza,Chinese food, barbecue, cheesecake, and other shit that will probably lead to an early end, heart disease or diabetes. In essence if it's in my fridge I eat it, with the exception of Mayo . For some odd reason I hate the stuff. Maybe it's the texture, maybe the smell, maybe it's the fact that it can clog my arteries in .05 sec. whatever the reason I don't really like it and my little brother is the same way.

ok so what was I writing about again, oh yes an athlete's diet...the way I see it right now I eat more with my check book than with my race plan or a food pyramid in mind. I still try to get carbs in before a big race, still like the fruits and veggies, still consume mass quantities of protein after workouts, and on some of my long training rides have snacked on Snicker's minis. I know what you're going to say, candy while working out, As your collective eyes roll back in horror,allow me to explain the method to the madness:
Snickers contain, caramel, peanuts, nougat, and chocolate.
The caramel,nougat and chocolate contain simple carbs for quick short fuel.
The peanuts and I think nougat have protein
Chocolate has caffeine for a short pick me up, hey it's probably a little safer than red bull.
also you can chew it so when you've consumed gu number 1000 in the course of your ironman, long ride, ultra marathon,it offers your taste buds, mouth and stomach a bit of a break.

Regardless, maybe this whole eat what ever's available, will fill me up, meet my nurtitional needs and not break the bank attitude is hurting my performance, if it is than I would be amazed to see how fast I can go on a "right diet" but as of right now that 5 boxes of pasta for $3 special at Stop and Shop is a good deal and providing me with what I need.

The guy behind Phelp's in the buffet line


iron-boyer said...

funny that you mentioned food...I just had that food talk with my friend today. I would love to eat more healthy. I don't think healthy = expensive...but...healthy means cooking which takes time and sometimes I am a bit short on that. I try to cook as often as possible. My favorite meal is a piece of pork or chicken and brocolli with potatoes, potatoes, and potatoes. I still believe that frozen brocolli is almost as healthy as fresh one, right?

Speed Racer said...

You continue to amaze me. I thought I was going to puke when I saw the report on Michael Phelps' diet (how you managed to spell Phelps wrong, also impressed me, by the way). I guess the old adage about "Some people are champions DESPITE what they eat, not because of it" holds true again! But then again, a starving athlete is not a successful athlete.

As far as Snickers (spelled wrong again) bars, if we're going to classify them as sports nutrition, maybe they'd be better in the recovery category than during. All that fat makes it SO hard to digest! And doesn't it melt on you?! I never take chocolate out on the course because I'm afraid I'll get it all over my fingers, then I'll wipe my fingers on my shorts and it'll look like I pooped my pants!