Sunday, August 10, 2008

I want to choke slam who ever came up with these requirements....what else is new....

Well last night talking with my parents about the college thing, I have pretty much come to the conclusion they think I'm a lazy idiot. I don't know if they think I've been purposely trying to extend my stay in college, they chastized me for not following up on my paper and still incomplete grade in Latin American Cultures, which ok maybe I should have pestered my professor, but with all the shit on her plate , it's easy to get lost in the mountain of paper work, so there I can't argue.

The other thing is that if I continue with my current purposed course load I will come 4 credits short of graduating ( that is if I get credit for LAC). My dad's been purposing I take internet courses sadly I don't believe Central offers them, but maybe Charter Oak does,the current plan for me is to take a winter session course, if I can find one that would be compatible with work, and try to load up to the max in Spring semester (ie 12 credits during the week and two classes on Saturdays, that I have to clear with the boss, especially since our part timer has left and we have a lovely hiring freeze on non-essential personel.) Absoulte worst case senario I will be able to walk in May and have to take one summer course to get my coveted sheet of paper. I'm thinking of taking a day off in 2 weeks to sit down with the dean, because they say I need to take an intro level American History course, I've tranfered in a AP exam so I need to see if they counted it, other wise I'll see if I can take a CLEPT exam which will save me a course in the spring.

For my parents I really don't know why watching my college graduation is a big deal, maybe it's because they want to hand out business cards to kids as they come down with their degrees "Got a degree, get a house!" Maybe they want to gloat that " yes sadly we won't be available the next three weekends, week X we'll be in Newport watching melissa walk and then the following week Bobby will be walking in Hartford, and then Christina's graduating Holy Cross." For me walking and getting the pomp and circumstance, the president of the school going on an ego trip, some ex-politico coming in saying how Central Kansa... ( re reads card )Central Connecticut State University has formed several of today's top leaders, and the alumni association tries to pick your pocket on the way out isn't that big a deal I'll do it for my parents but realistically it don't mean shit to me. For me I just want the paper...that's it, plain and simple, have the paper so I can apply for jobs that actually pay living wages and I can get my weekends back for the first time in years, and I can move on to the next chapter in my life: paying back college so that by the time I'm in my early 30's I can start making the investments and business ventures that will shape a good fiscal future for the next generation of the house of Bob-O ( I don't plan on having kids so my siblings' children will be set for life.)

So in essence that's why I've been stressed. I need to graduate because if I don't the administration at Central will be the cause of my early demise.



iron-boyer said...

I can help you on those online courses. Central does offer them

Ever thought about independent study?

FlawlessWalrus said...

I don't know if you've used Charter Oak State College's new course search, but you can check it out here: Charter Oak Courses.

If you're looking for help with planning out the rest of your degree, the Admissions counselors at Charter Oak would be glad to give you a hand, either via email, over the phone, or in person. Here's some contact info for the Admissions staff: Charter Oak Admissions.

Hope this helps, and good luck finishing your degree!