Monday, August 11, 2008

The numbers week of 8/3-8/9: and Bob needs a girl rant

Swim distance: 9000 yards Roughly 5.4 miles or 8.6 km

Bike Distance: 120 miles or 192 km

Run Distance: 8 miles or 12.8km

Last week my run numbers suffered because everyday when I left the branch there was a real threat for thunderstorms, also yesterday ( Sunday the 10th ) I was going to try for a long run but my Achilles and my gut limited me to 8 miles ( never eating Chinese before a run ever again.) My legs have been really tight lately so I haven't been pushing the envelope, I didn't lift at all last week so I'll make up for that this week, depending on how the legs feel, other wise it will be push-ups, pull ups and bench press.

I have blamed my leg problems on my shoes which are pretty much worn to the padding, but right now new trainers are not a priority, worst case I'll train in my racing flats.

depending on the weather I'm hoping to get a couple of weekday rides in. I'm getting tired of being a weekend warrior and if I want to stand any shot in Nutmegman or IM NZ I need to work the bike while I still have time, because once school starts I'm limited to just Friday nights ( until November), Sat. and Sun. I'm hoping for an abnormally warm winter, but the New England weathermen are getting the blizzard death toll counters and OPEC and oil company execs are beginning to wonder if $5 a gallon of diesel might be too low as they look at the payment schedule on their new speed boats.....I really need to move to a climate more conducive to my training....any somewhat cute, lonely, desperate girls under 35 in California, OZ, or NZ looking for a hot young stud triathlete? Rich is a plus, but will help with rent if middle to working class.

Well that's it for me


IronMatron said...

Under 35??? Now Bob, you are missing out if you limit yourself like that. ha ha!
You are young and single. WTF are you doing in CT? Go to Colorado! Go to Cali!
Or stay here and know that NE winters toughen one up more than anything....
I see that IMNZ has won?
Also, are you insane? Get new trainers! That should absolutely be a priority! Quickest route to injury is to train in dead shoes!

Bob Almighty said...

Well I'm 23 so I've got to limit the age a tad bit. Both AZ and NZ sort of won ( dang I've got things for places with "z" ), I decided to limit my summer racing to focus on the longer races where I accel. I do agree, I need to get new trainers but right now I'll be using the racing flats to prevent injury..just until I get paid, then I can take advantage of those back to school sales. Congrats on IMLP, it should be a fun race I hope the weather co-operates for you next year.