Friday, August 15, 2008

Major Purchases on the Horizon

That's right it looks like I'm going to have an Ironman of spending in the coming months here are the biggies after the bills are paid:

HEAT Memebership: $35 It expired I need to renew.

New Trainers $70-$140: After cranking out a 6.5 miler in my racing flats and not feeling the pain that I have with my current well worn trainers it's official they are dead and need replacement. I figure $100 bucks at Sports Authority, Modell's, Road and Track or Fleet Feet is better than having to pay a foot specialist to fix my messed up legs....that's what I get for hardcore run focus in the early season.

New swimsuits: $40-80 When I'm using one of last year's sets of tri shorts for parctice and they're going see-through you know its time.

Aero Helmet: $HEAT discount on Rudy Project- $175 Not a major necessity but I do want to get one to see if it makes a differnce in split times.

Entry to IM New Zealand: $525 See previous post for why.

Airfare and Ground Transport for IM New Zealand: Ken Glah is working the number cruncher 3000 as we speak.

Entry to IM Arizona: $425 Bjoern and Bob-o take on Tempe....let the wailing, beating of breasts, grinding of teeth, and shifting through the ashes left in our wake begin.

Flight and Rental car: I have until next September to figure it out.

A bike case: $250 from the good people @

If I have any extra money, it's going into a savings account, because quite frankly I know in a year I'm going to have a Federal Student Loan ( consolidation ) to pay back, but hopefully I'll be a bit making more, and striving toward coaching on the side......quite frankly I said it before and I'll say it again I'm a poor guy in a rich man's sport. Next year I'm hoping that a limited racing schedule will help me save some money and do better at the races I'm focusing on.

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