Sunday, August 10, 2008

To clarify

Next season I plan on doing both IM NZ and IM for the summer it will most likely be devoted to classes and training ( right now it's looking like I'm going to come up 3-9 credits shy, if I can track down my anth professor in Costa Rica and get an incomplete taken care of. If I can get net classes that night eliminate the need for summer courses unless of course I want to get started on some graduate work.) So 2009 is essentially looking like a 3-4 race schedule


Patriot Half


If I qualify for Kona that will make life difficult.... unless of course I qualify at Arizona.

granted the Patriot or any other summer race is subject to my college graduation situation, If I have to go back to Central in September 2009 then I'm giving up aything that doesn't involve work or school. The degree is priority, because quite frankly I'm tired of being in a dead end job.

So that is what the plan looks like now, but then again, plans change by the day.

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iron-boyer said...

I might not be able to go to Europe after I finish school in Spring but Arizona is still on if you go too.