Saturday, January 17, 2009

Back in tha Saddle again....

Well today, much to the chargin of my Type A you need mas milegage muy pronto side, I started to train my cycling again. I got in to the saddle on my trainer warming up in the little ring 15 for about 15 minutes including 1 leg drills and then spun steady for 45 min switching through gearing...I got through the 60 min. very little tightness or pain a good 10 minutes of stretching and my leg feels just about normal. Tomorrow they're forecasting snow, if it doesn't loops of the lake on the Stomper, if it does then I'll be running my 8-9mile loop of the town...Tuesday classes start again which means I'll need to become type A organizing the time to workout,around work,classes and classwork. Bring it on! But in essence I feel good if the weather can co-operate with me I'm confident I'll be ready to throw down my A- game in 5 weeks.

Feeling Reborn

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Charisa said...

NICE - glad it is not hurting!!