Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Bob's got a coaching gig.

Well upon talking to my contact for an open coaching position at a tri camp in Lake Placid I just have to get confirmation on my weeks off, and renew my lifeguard& CPR certs. RockOn Adventures runs the camp and I'll be working either one week in July and One week in August or two weeks in August but I just have to check which races I'm doing and what weeks my co-workers are taking so there's no conflict. The camp is pretty barebones by a like in the woods in tents... for the former readers of the Angry Runner prepare for tales from the wood,but maybe it's what I need this summer after a self induced / family econ induced Hell last summer. Just two solid weeks surrounded by tri geeks, no flashy equipment ( granted my equipment ain't that flashy), no worrying about keeping the heart rate @ X beats per min for Y min, on a Z hour run, So you don't die horrific death Alpha on the Queen K, just the basics, swimming in a lake, riding on the road, running on trails, sport not Rocket Science...which has sort of been my simplistic high school runner/ college swimmer approach to the sport all along. ( nothing against guys and gals who heart rate train it is effective but I really hate staring at my wrists for prolonged periods of time other than taking my mile splits.) Also this gig means essentially getting paid to train and hang out with athletes....I like it.
Also if I come back refusing to drive, with long hair, a beard, munching granola, writing transcendentalist poetry, contemplating moving to Vermont and claiming I'm a level 5 vegan please do the following, drive my ass to SuperCuts and then the nearest decent steakhouse in the area, remind me how cold it gets in Vermont in winter ,and talk me into selling the poetry while making me watch Bloodsport, Chopper Reid, Wall Street and The Devil's Advocate, to get intouch with my violent capitalist roots. Or buy me a beret and a few copies of the communist manifesto and run me against Obama in the 2012 Democratic Primary.*

My job interview yesterday also snapped my ass out of a negative funk I'd been in for the last 2 days. Sunday night as I looked at the weather and my bills, my school circulum and it just seemed to be emotional overload... too cold to train out doors, bills well are bills, school well part of me is dreading the semester but the other part of me is like if I'm cramming knowlegde in my head maybe that will keep me form craming in doubt, anger, self pity, and other crap. Time is counting down stuff has to be gotten into order, my parents are preaching how I should have saved more for this, shouldn't have done this that and the other thing, and at the same time they're hesitiant to change their own position... I guess that's the thing that frustrates me most about my parents we're both hesitant to change... I need to cut back on spending settle my bills, become more independent, and get more streams of income, hopefully I'll graduate college and be able to find a better paying gig or at least fill the time I was in class with another job. The coaching gig was quick cash and maybe it's a sign of things to come..the coaching not living in a tent by a lake... So that's where I stand at the moment things are looking up, things are starting to fall in to place, granted I wish they would fall into place a little faster.

I managed to run for an hour and forty-five minutes, my Achilles hurts,but less than it did, definitely feels like IT band because my gastroc tightened before the tendon flared up. On the run it wasn't too bad considering I was decked out in more reflective clothing than any one person should own...if I got hit by a car and the driver exclaims they couldn't see me they need an eye exam,because my reflective crap is loud and obnoxious. Now I've got to mapmy run to see distance and pace as I try to work up to a 20 miler so I know my legs will survive this show on March 7.

The Artic Warrior.

* Note I do not beleive that Obama or Democrats such as myself are Communists....but with the way the global economy is going...also my canidacy would be illegal until 2020.


Angry Runner said...

Well shit, I told you the problem is in your hips. Fix ur hips and u fix ur achilles. That is how it works.


Bob Almighty said...

Dude trust me I think the topic of the last few posts on this injury has been Angry was right. Problem is I know how to roll the ankle and the gastroc the only thing is when I roll my hip I'm in a postion from a 70's adult film. but I have been rolling it.

Also you were right on the hurts like hell but it loosens shit up part.

Angry Runner said...

Good. Do some pistol squats standing on a bench and watch your knee tracking.

After ypu see your knees drift inwards, come back here and write that your knees drift inwards and then I'll tell you to do some simple shit while shoving the knees OUT.
Once you get there, then progress with load and volume.