Saturday, January 17, 2009

I'm feeling I need to get warm.

" I plan on cutting off your ears, gouging out your eyes, and tearing out your tounge so you must wander the underworld deaf, blind, and dumb and all shall know that you are Hector the fool who thought he killed Achilles."
- Achilles in the 2000's movie Troy.

My Achilles Lives HAHA!

Well after what seemed like an eternity of rest 5 days ...the ankle has gone from "I feel like I'm tearing it with every stride." To a little tight but not painful, so it looks like I'll be doing those Pistol squats this week and running and riding again next week, granted probably not at the volume I want. But at least I'll be putting miles in the legs. I also give credit to ICE, Trigger point (Shout out to the Angry one!) and an old school home remedy ( hot olive oil and wool wrap don't hate on it it works.) for easing the inflamation, now I just need to proceed with speed and caution..what an Oxy moron as I get ready to rumble.

Warning! Cold Weather Rant :

Today I was thinking about an easy ride up around Lake Waramaug..but seeing -2F staring at me when I started the car this morning made me re-think that....(sigh) another hour on the trainer...(sigh) is 35FTHAT much to ask for...I don't care if it's 60F I just want it to be above freezing and not snowing for a couple of weekends...(sigh) Any single girls in New Zealand, Australia, Hawaii or San Diego looking for a winter fling? I just have to survive 5 more months then I should have my degree I should graduate and then I can move to someplace warmer... think warm thoughts Bob-o, Think Warm thoughts, just make that your mantra this semester every high grade and bill payment is one step closer to a living wage and a condo in San Diego, Kona, or Taupo....
Cold weather rant over.

Well that's it from me, I figure an hour of spinning in the easy gears will be a good way to get me back into training.


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IronMatron said...

I'm jealous that you and Claire can even think about moving to warmer temps--. Lucky!