Sunday, January 11, 2009

Ironman New Zealand: 6 weeks out should I bail?

Well upon looking at the calendar Ironman New Zealand is 7 weeks out. Part of me is in panic mode, my training has reagally sucked, the weather hasn't cooperated and now I'm debating sending an email to the race office on withdrawing. I 'll toss up the big reasons why I'm consumed by fear at this point:

1. The weather is supposed to go from seasonably cold to hunt your own mammoth. This week they are talking temps of -10 and I don't mean -10C. I haven't been able to break out the bike in weeks and I'm starting to worry that 3 X 2-6 hour trainer sessions a week isn't going to cut it, I need to man up and get outdoors but at the same time, I don't want to risk injury, illness, or frostbite.

2. My little Achilles issue. Well it turns out weak pedal stroke and working the treadmill hasn't really helped it any. Likewise it hasn't gotten worse. This week I'm going to try to get some miles in the legs...but if it hurts after this week status for racing could be doubtful.

3. Deadline to withdrawl with any sort of refund is Wednesday...if I'm going to wuss out I at least want my money back.

4. Hopefully my last undergrad semester: This is going to be the biggest academic semester of your life, you need to focus on the books buddy, and then when this one is done you have to start looking at grad school, or med school, or law school, or getting a good paying gig, and not to mention your own place, plus take care of your parents, siblings, get a hair cut, pay off this that and the other thing and a billion other things that should all be your number one priority right now.....

These are probably just my normal pre race fears that I usually vent to my friends or sisters but I'm starting to feel afraid that maybe I won't be ready in time... my base miles over the summer have carried my fitness, but complex personal issues, have killed my training in the past few months. My swimming has been pretty stellar my running well I haven't had any decent run training since the begining of break and then my achilles flared up. Cycling well...I'm starting to think Coach Troy's base builder is too easy....and the couple of times I did get out I only managed about 35-40 miles...before darkness set in granted I was averaging 18-20 mph. This weekend Saturday is supposed to be clear and so is Sunday but temps are supposed to be about 20-25F I've never ridden in under 30F weather and part of me is afraid to try. That 30F threshold seems to be the point in which all sane cyclists head indoors...but then again who ever said I was sane....

I said it before and I'll say it again Fear maybe healthy but it sucks.... balls!

On the positive side of the news...

Claire Bad Ass Mo Fo broke 4 hours in the Disney Marathon and beat her HotFurd Time...that coming after running the half in a blazing 1:46 yesterday. Runner Gal and the Cranks had decent placings too and no word yet on if Angry Runner manager to find a host for his offspring...although with the good results team blogger had in Orlando I'm sure this also ended in success....

Well that's it for me, I've got an early morning and a full day ahead...I have an interview for that coaching position then I have to track down a lifeguard recert course because I'll need it for the summer.


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