Friday, January 16, 2009


Sanka, what you smoking mon?
I ain't smoking, I'm freezing... -Cool Runnings

Well I guess the bright side of my ankle issue this weekend is I'm not going to be running on the most frigid weekend of the year. This morning I went to warm up my car it was a balmy 1F
(-17C) I know I've got readers in Minnesota and Canada going poor baby at least you're in positive numbers...

Tomorrow is decision day on the doctor's visit, if the ankle is still a little tight I'll go just to make sure there is no major damage of the tendon which there isn't (points toes with no pain ...smiles.) Call my friend see if her mom still does massage therapy active release and get an estimate for 30 min. of work...otherwise I also have a friend/teammate who does this stuff too. Angry yes, I know pistol squats and lots of them...I just want to relax the IT band before I kick the shit out of it without mercy or remorse.

My Giants are out of the playoffs which means I no longer have a reason to watch football...except to see THAT TEAM FROM PHILLY THAT CASUES ALL MY FOOTBALL RELATED ANGUISH GET ROCKED! Sorry Eagles fans as much as Donovan might be the man Westbrook may kick ass, and Akers can kick a 50yd. FG in his sleep I still hate them... sorry Pent up rage from going to school in NYC and being assigned to a dorm full of Kids from Boston and Philly... Baseball season the Sox fans let me have it, Football season the Eagles fans let me have it...Hockey I won't even talk about the Rangers ..who I only cheer for becasue their farm team was the Whalers pitiful replacement.... granted haven't watched a game in so long Basketball is the only thing my grandfather and I agree on Go Celtics! Go Uconn! Sorry what was I talking about again... Oh yes I will be taking my rage against Mc Nabb and Co. out on the road this and next and ankle permitting.

Next Saturday is looking to be well relatively warm in the high 30's low 40's Any one interested in doing a freeze your beans 60 miler? Depending on how next Sunday looks I can even put it off to then...but reagrdless next week looks seasonable and dry so maybe just maybe I can get some outdoor mileage in. (knocks on wood.) ...Wait they changed it again..surprise, surprise, more Snow and low 20's.

Well that's all from the tundra.

20F seems like heaven about now...


Angry Runner said...

Call me tonight.

Speed Racer said...

I came back for this crap?! This cold weather SUCKS! I've been sitting at home watching the weather forecast as well and getting more and more sick of this place.

I hope the ankle feels better. If it doesn't recover in time, and Angry's shotgun squats don't work, just jack yourself up on enough Advil during the ironman that you don't even know if you're running or swimming.

Take care of yourself!