Monday, March 16, 2009

Poll: Rev 3 or Providence 70.3 If I go through the lotto does that make me tat worthy?

Well I'm looking at doing 4 races this summer, I'm already committed to one, and have tucked away for 2 more the debate is if I decide to do a big Half Iron which one do I do? Rev 3 or Providence and I CAN ONLY AFFORD ONE!!!!!

Pros for Rev 3:
Local: as in no driving to RI required.
On most of my training routes: Home field advantage?
Lots of pros.
Club Race: Do HEAT proud.
Big Age group prizes.
Huge event in the local community.

Cons for Rev 3:
The bike course can best be described as "bring your own Sherpa."
Pitted Bombed out pavement....
Quassy food....mmm.
Expensive race entry with no Championship slots at stake.
Early in the season and Patriot is 2 weeks later.
1st year event.

Pros for Providence:
Kona slots!
Done the race before...if the bike works it will be a good day.
KONA Slots!
Meet up with Chris and Rob from my NZ adventure.
Strategically situated in mid-summer for optimal performance.
Cheaper than Rev 3 until May 1.
HEAT vs. Psycho!
Excuse to go to Rhode Island for the Weekend.
The Blais family's working the expo.
did I mention Kona and Clearwater slots already?

Cons to Providence:
Killer waves dude!
Pitted bombed out pavement...wait that's just standard in New England.
College Hill with it's coughmorethancough 7% grade on the run X2.
Wolcott-Providence- Narragansett- Wolcott-Narragansett-Providence-Wolcott drive ....
or Hotel/ trying to crash at somebody's beach house....why couldn't this be a month later when Melissa moves to Newport.
The "compassionate" Providence Drivers.

Well those are the factors I'm sort of leaning toward one over the other... worst case I will volunteer at one and race the other.

If I get a slot to Kona via the lotto ( yes I threw down $35 for an entry...figure that's what I would have spent on a half marathon that I'm not racing this year.) Then this debate was futile because I won't waste the money... ( I already did a sanctioned Ironman so that little loop hole is taken care of.) I'm just afraid that RI will sell out before they get back with the lotto results...also it makes the tattoo situation the things I put myself through to get a little ink on the ankle. So here are the polls

Poll #1: Should I do Providence 70.3 or Rev 3?

Poll#2: If I get in to Kona via the lottery do I get a tattoo?

No. You have to qualify....that was the condition you set on yourself, if you fall into this mediocrity cult I will beat you to death with your areobars.
Yes. Kona is Kona.
Yes, But only if you finish in the top 10 of your age group. Earn it by decimating the punks who stole "your slot".
Yes, but some other condition ( race in a speedo, run barefoot, the tat must read Kona bandit..etc. please specify in comments.)



unAthlete said...

Do Rev3 that's what all the cool kids are doing.

Runner Leana said...

You know you want a Kona slot so go for the race with the Kona slot. And you said you wanted the tattoo if you raced Kona after qualifying. You don't want to regret your tattoo if you change your reasons for getting it. Just my opinion though.

Bullet said...

Hey, Haven't checked your blog since the IM. Great job, and great read. I'm really encouraged by your commitment to reach your goals. Go for the Kona Slots. You may never get another chance. I'm 34, married, and my job prevents me from traveling to exotic locations too much. Don't miss out on the opportunities that you have.