Wednesday, March 18, 2009

T-minus 3 days before my next hardcore training block kicks off.

Yep that's right I've gained about 5 pounds and am getting tire of being a lazy...some what studious my next training block will be kicking off this Sunday....hopefully there will be some more and intersting posts once this kicks off.

Part of me realizes the need to start training again is the fact I'm getting fat, I'm eatting wrong, staying up late, drinking coffee like it's going out of style,generally regretting my courseload, plain and simple I need to once again. This year weights will be on the priority scale hopefully it will help turn me into an unstopable beast other wise it will add some definition to my scrawny ass.

Running I'm due for new shoes in May I'll start going with relatively short 3-8 milers and build up from there....and remain injury free.
Cycling I have the feeling I'm going to be spending weeks on my bike.
Swimming well we know what happens when I hit the pool. So now I've got the training dialed in I've got my race schedule pretty much set in my head, my A priority race pretty set, and hopefully life will pan out accordingly.

Alright this post was boring if you're looking for good reads see my links Leana usually has some good stuff up as does Judi...Speedy's twitter will knock you out, and Don't mess with the Iron Fucking Matron! Also if anybody happens to have any info regarding the whereabouts of a Mr. Satan A. Chilles please let us know...there is talk of a reward for info regarding the safe return of him or at least his blog.
Well that's it from me I've got a paper to write a midterm to study for and a bed that is calling my name like a siren.

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