Thursday, March 19, 2009

The Rhode to Kona goes through Providence

Ok I know spelt Road wrong it was deliberate. Providence 70.3 offered Kona slots and it was relatively cheaper than Rev 3 ( don't worry I plan on volunteering at Rev 3...figure I'll give unathlete a shot at an age group win.) I still have 2 races I want to add to the schedule the Griskus sprint and Patriot ( Patriot gives me an excuse to race with Claire and catch up with I need to defend the elite swim split...granted it's in June this year so the elite field will most likely be larger.)
So 5 tris for 2009...if I have cash/ don't make Kona/ planets align I might throw 1 or 2 more on the schedule but I think that I managed to spread my season a little better this year 1 race a month well 2 in July....figure that will give me time to utterly abuse and waste myself this summer in prep for the throw down in the Ocean State....if I make Kona I'll worry about it then other wise I'll have the money tucked away for New Zealand 3.0..any cute single/sporty girls in the Taupo, New Plymouth, or Auckland area...pleasant, personable, and well groomed triathlete is seeking a home stay/ gear Sherpa/and moral supporter... will do laundry, cook, clean and move freight :)
But all that aside Providence is now on the schedule and will be my "A" race this summer...hopefully there won't be as many tri animals from the North (Triathletas Candanais)* Last year some of these speed demons from the land of Molson, Hockey, the Bare Naked Ladies, Cervelo, Argon 18, Peter Reid, Lisa Bentley, and the mighty Maple Leaf came down and smoked some of us New England Types like Canadian To put in perspective how fast my age group was last year I finished 197th out of nearly 1300 entrants and was 17th in my Age group....yes it was a fast field...hopefully it won't be as quick this year...or at least I'll be a little quicker this year.
Well in the Words of Ceasar "The die is cast" May the tri gods grant me fortune .
The Rhode Warrior
*I'm really struggling with the Latin here because I learned Classical and the Romans didn't have words for Triathlete or Canada...apologies in advance to all Latin scholars.


unAthlete said...

I think you're overestimating the amount of training I've done this winter. Here's a helpful tip, if you think I've trained more than 0 hours you're probably overestimating.

Charisa said...

Go, go go for that slot! And I might race CT Rev - will you throw water on me as I run past? :)