Thursday, June 4, 2009

No training Wednesday: All set for Rhode Trip Redux

Yesterday I had a training plan. I was going to work hard, but when I got home from work I decided to take an hour nap...figured hey I need to catch up on sleep. Well an hour turned into 2 and then I got a call from an old friend and then my parents decided to get the piano early...and then one of my friends was playing with her Jazz band at a club in Watertown, needless to say no training got done. Today, I have at least a swim on tap. Tomorrow a run and swim with the HEAT crew, Saturday a ride between my volunteer shift and the volunteer meeting. Sunday I'm hoping for a short ride post REV3. Yep I have grandiose plans hopefully they will come to fruition.

On the Providence 70.3 front I just reserved a room at the Marriot Downtown, I booked for Saturday and Sunday nights figuring I'll just drive home on Monday morning. I don't want to barge in on my sister's friend again to use the shower. Plus I figure I'll just take the shuttle down to the beach, and save on gas and parking. But all that is settled so now it's just getting the mileage in.

Feelin' fat and lazy


LG said...

So glad you are volunteering!!! and i learned this week also that taking a day off will not kill you come race day....i blew off a workout this week too for the first time for a baseball game...and a few days later, i feel good that i did.

Charisa said...

Nap, ahhhhhh :)