Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Training out of a funk....or the evil loop...muhahahahaha

Well, I've been in a funk for the last week. Somethings haven't gone to well at the homestead...and as I checked my bank balance this morning things haven't gotten better, maybe a little worse....seriously if it weren't for bad luck I'd have none at all....
Anyway before this turns into a post to slit your wrists to... I'm going to put the brakes on the spiral.

I tried to rid myself of my funk yesterday by going on a 13 mile run. For at least 2 hours my day got a little better, granted as I ran thoughts bounced around my head.

Maybe I should quit tri? Maybe instead of trying to go for a teaching job I should just stay at the bank and take on side gigs? If I got hit by that punk in the tuner car who sent me scurrying to the shoulder as he was changing his MP3 player, would my parents be able to collect my life insurance? Was that damn sheet of paper worth it? Man these running shoes are gettin old I need a new pair. When was the last time they paved this road....hey Channel 3's out here (waves at camera like a dufus.)

Yes I am this ADD when I run...some people use an I-pod I just get lost in my head, mainly because there's so much bouncing around in there it's a good way to let the negative thoughts to leave the system. Also the fact that my run loop in notoriously evil and life threatening from both hills and traffic, means it is not a loop where "shiny happy people" "Beautiful Day" or anything sung by Bono will get you through it. In fact the tunage pumping through your ears making you oblivious to the kid who just hit the Nos and cranked up 50 cent in his civic and is gunning for a land speed record on CT-322 might just be a fatal judgement error. Especially for a mile stretch where the shoulder is non-existent and the roadside is a quarry of jagged rock. This loop is psycho, it's twisted, I must have been in a really bad place when I decided to do it but in my peak I'm doing it twice weekly...hell I've run this loop in the dead of winter and at night ( I wouldn't recommend it at night unless you have a death wish, or a damn good life insurance policy. Hence I only did it at night once.) It's a loop of runner v. cars and so far I've been winning the battle.

Yesterday I did it in 1:55 (8:41 /mile) in my first run over 10 miles since Taupo. With Patriot less than 20 days away the mileage is on the increase.

I got back in the pool last night for 3000 yards...main set 5x200 on 2:50...maybe it was the lactic acid in the legs but I wasn't able to go under 2:45...either way I have a ride and a swim on tap for today...if the weather holds.

Wishes the rest of life went as well as his training.

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Charisa said...

I watched Taupo on my DVR this morning while on my trainer and thought of you. I looked for you coming out the swim early :) Careful on those non-shoulder CT roads!!