Friday, December 21, 2007

4 Days until X-Mas.....the animal instinct kicks in.

That's right there are only 4 days left until my (least) favorite day of the year. Seriously I approach Christmas like most people approach Tax Day, with loathing , cyncism, fear, anger, this sounds like a speech from Yoda....frustration of what to get people...frustration that people want to get me stuff.... I told my parents to get me a kingsford charchol briquette and come up with some story like I took a shot at Santa's reindeer or something and spend what they would spend on me on my siblings..figure I'm 22 and working so anything I want I buy , the rest are either in grade school, high school or living the life of a broke college student...i was immediately hit with We'd never traumatize you like that...and I'm like but I'm requesting it...hell it'd give everyone a laugh... then get do you really think that little of I don't think I'm god's gift to humanity, but I don't feel I'm utter crap either, I just don't like bothering people and having them spend their hard earned cash I'm something I'm too lazy to pick up myself. ..but that like too many things is a rant for another day.

No today is the day animal instinct kicks in I have decided wisely to avoid anything that can be concidered a place of commerce on this the last payday before Christmas. Tonight this cynical Catholic Boy will not be among the throngs clammoring for the last vistages of consumeristic crap. Instead I will take out my cynicism in the pool and weight room. I will avoid the herd that are merely cogs and pawns of the captialist machine. I will avoid becoming a statistic, granted I do have to pick up a gift card an a couple of coffee mugs......d'oh.

Well like I said some quality time at the Y is in order tonight, an ride and run at Waramaug are on tap for tomorrow, then a nice pre church morning run on Sunday and a trip to the Casino, hopefully, I have to holla at Angry, ron for prez., and Nashville, to make final arrangements.

Sorry for all the Holiday Rants, but the blog is cheaper than therapy, and a lot less embarassing than Happy Hour, so for putting up with my stress relief, I heartily thank you.

The testy Teller

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