Thursday, December 20, 2007

If you're not Hallucinating the workout wasn't hard enough...

Last nigh Stef Karas kicked my butt into shape with a 4600 yard workout from Hell as follows:

200 swim on 3:00
200 Pull on 3:00
200Kick on 4:30

4x100 Drill on 1:40

6X50Free on :45 Build 1-3 4-6
that was the easy part


200Free on 3:00 focusing on strong kick
300 Free DPS pn 4:30
2X200 build to sprint every 4th lap on 2:45
Main set
3x 500 build 1-3 on 7:30
I held 6:55 for #1 then held 6:58 for the second 2 also pondered the meaning of life as I entered an Oxygen deprived state....debate solution to the Arab- Israeli conflict...thought of possible treatment options for ALS, MS, Alzhiemer's ,Tay-Sachs....debated the futileness of religious I think of weird crap when I swim.

300 Pull on 4:30 My lungs rejoiced oxygen...

1 100 Free I was trying to make a crack at the set she had written down needed a little more rest.
5X100 Free on 1:25 Whatever you got left in the tank! I held 1:19's on them the latic acid was built up in my arms, and it was not pretty.
nice 50 cool down

Well today I have an exam on tap..the last one! Sell my books back..looking at about $70-$100
enough to keep my creditors at bay..and give me some cash for my pre-holiday casino trip, with Ron 4Pres., Angry Runner, and Nashville Ryan. Think of us as the Connecticut Version of the RAT PACK w/ Angry as Sinatra, Myself as Dean Matin, NR as Jerry Lewis, and R4P as Sammy Davis Jr. If I win big I might be flying first class afterall.....otherwise it will be a good stress blower with the guys. Sat and Sun morning/afternoon I have rides and runs on tap. Sat is supposed to be high 30's low 40's and no chance of the white stuff...Enrico will most likely ride again at Waramaug as I try to cram in 70-100 miles...I want the confidence of having the distance base for the ride. That's it for now.

The High Roller

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rocketpants said...

Have fun at the casino and riding this weekend. Last weekend my work had fake gambling at the holiday party. It was fun just to squeal with delight every time on of my chips on the Roulette table won. But since you are a guy, i'd keep it down on the squealing...people might think you're nuts. :-)