Wednesday, December 19, 2007

To Kona Lotto or not to Kona Lotto?

This is my next in a series of polls, should I enter the Ironman Hawaii lottery for 2008 or not. Here are the choices:

Yes enter the general Lotto ($35 USD) and the Passport Club for an Extra Shot ($50) Live the dream!

Yes but just do the genral lotto, save those green backs, plus you might get a slot via qualification

No, there is only one way to make Kona to qualify, to earn your way in, only then will you be worthy of the punishment Madam Pele is going to dish out on your unsuspecting body.

No, are you kidding? The Hawaii Ironman? You're 22 use that cash to enter Liftime Fitness or the NYC tri. Focus on the short easy stuff. Hawaii can wait until your 35.


rocketpants said...

live the the dream.

BreeWee said...

DO it! DO it! DO it! DO it! See ya there!