Wednesday, March 12, 2008

I've been tagged..

after reading Rocketpant's blog I read the last caption "You have been tagged." Dang I thought I was gong to get away with this one. sneaky scorpion woman!...ok here are the 7 random facts.

1. For a good 4 year period I actually debated becoming a Catholic Priest. Why? Maybe it was the spirituality, maybe it was the fact I could never seem to make my relationships work out, maybe it was because hey, they'll pay for my degree, or the fact that I think that we have too few priest who emphasize on God as being a loving, caring, compassionate being, rather than a stern, abortion hating, pre marital condemning sex, gay bashing judge who will kick your ass for the smallest sin, and thought maybe I should get in with this new group of Hippie Clergy bring about a warmer friendlier version of Catholicism. In any case I didn't go through with it, the politics of the church turned me off ( won't get into my opinions on married priests, female clergy, stem cell research, gay rights) and the fact of hey, I would at least like to be open the possibility of marriage, as well as my rebellious nature sort of made me decide that this truly isn't the lifestyle for me. ( and yes despite some of my differences on the church's views on public policy I still am a practicing Catholic.)

2. I am absolutely scared to death of heights but I enjoyed rock climbing and repelling. Sadly I haven't been in years but I had nothing but good experiences doing it.Maybe it's that whole, you're being supported by some guy on the ground with a rope so you won't plummet to your death thing, getting to the top of the climbing wall is always an enjoyable experience.

3. I actually learned a little bit of Latin ( I can read it and recite some prayers in it, but I'm sort of a novice with it so don't ask me to start deciphering the captions on the back of Canadian and British coins or T-shirts at a moment's notice. Although on the Canadian coins apparently they thank God that Lizzie II is queen.)

4.I used to like Nascar before it became the WWE on Wheels, now its all sports car racing baby.

5.In case you didn't read my blog around Christmas I'm a history major so occasionally I will pull out some random obscure fact and post it on the blog. Ex. Did you know one Pope put out a hit on Lorenzo Di Medici? Then excommunicated Di Medici for surviving the botched assassination attempt. I know all sorts of tidbits like this, yet I refuse to become a teacher. ( private schools pay peanuts ( about the same as being a bank teller yet they offer more circulum freedom.) The public schools want you to be an education major, have a masters in education and cram kids for standardized tests, note to the Department of Education in the real world you don't always have 5 options, seperate answer sheets, and a no.2 pencil handy.)

6. I refuse to wear Nike Sneakers under any circumstances. ( 1. I don't agree with their sweatshop labor policies. ( for the swim suit and tank top I bought 2 years ago I humbly apologize) 2. Their trail runners completely screwed up my shins.)

7. Growing up Angry Runner was my next door neighbor, for about 4 years, then he moved about 8 blocks down.

Well those are 7 semi-politically charged facts about moi,
if you haven't been tagged Consider you self tagged....Right...about

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