Wednesday, March 12, 2008

The Photo Gallery: Kiwi Style

Ok this is truly the last IMNZ post for 2008 the photo wrap up. Photos are courtesy of Justin (Go Navy.), USC Jonathan, Catherine, Simon and ASI photo.

Didymo Dave, myself and USC Jonathan. ( we all had to have our wetsuits disinfected because North American Algae tends to thrive down there.)
The Bitch Stomper in Ironman Trim. Below are the bike gods, Dan Evans and the fellow with the aerodynamic hair cut is Blair Cox.

Mickey, Paul, and Patti. Mickey @ 71 years young was the oldest female starter.

USC Jonathan Pre Race
The HEAT Haka!
Ok the pic to show Mom.The Swim Start
Off to T-1
On to the bike course.

Loop 1

Ok keep it steady 40 k more to go.
I think I was on a sugar high on this one.

F**king Wind and spray! Or the I'm not going to touch a cup of Flat Pepsi ever again, or at least not until my next Ironman photo.I feel pretty good.The I think I'm going to PR or holy S**t is she leaning out of the car to get this shot smile.1k to go PR in sight.
The Blazeman Log Roll for ALS ( Motor Neuron) Awareness.

Despite the rain the Party Continues.

Taupo's finest.
The left section of the grandstand: Warning 2 drink minimum.
Luke Bell and Yours truly.
The last finisher


rocketpants said...

Love the pics!! Good effort on the Haka, pretty funny :-)

Runner Leana said...

Love the pics - I want to know how you get such good shots during an Iron Man. I look like I suck wind on 10Ks. Sheesh.

Angry Runner said...

Who is the chick on the left in the 4th photo from the end? Is that your hot photographer gal? More pics, please.

I'll echo Leana when she says you take good pics. I look like a moron in most of mine.