Monday, March 10, 2008

Term papers drive me crazy.

Well next week is spring break and I will be spending it putting in long hours at the office and long hours in the library, that's right I've got term paper research on Victorian Medicine and outline to do, as well as a 10-12 page mid-term on the Arab- Israeli conflict, hence this is helped exacerbate the sleeplessness, feeling stressed out, wanting to crawl into a dark corner alone surrounded by books or a lightning fast Internet connection. The joys of college life, as mentioned earlier I should have most of the crap for my major done with by December, leaving me on course to graduate in May 09, and finally leave with that piece of sheepskin that says I am qualified to make more than $20k a year. Ok college stress rant over. Tonight I got a nice hour long swim planned, followed by long hours looking up the big names of 1840's-1890's British Medicine, Chadwick, Snow, Lister, etc..and how medicine evolved from "Throw two leeches on your arm and call me in the morning." To "take a hit of opium and call me in the morning." Somebody get the Maxwell House and keep it coming. My eariler post was a irrational rambling on mainly being stressed out by all this crap ontop of kind of crushing on someone, that has worked itself out in a rather conservative fashion: keep the status quo, and the fact I probably had only 3 hours sleep last night...I think that covers my ass for any crazy things I might post or mention. Well that's all I have time for right now...I've got to go fight traffic back into the dirty water.

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Angry Runner said...

I miss college. You'll miss it too once you're done.