Thursday, May 15, 2008

The Exorcism of Bobby D.....

Alright my last few posts have been way too negative ...( I'm finding out the hard way that you sholud never post frustrated from the office especially not during an audit. That will suck the happiness out of even the most sunny personality.) I also guess that posting 1 post or in this case 2 posts in a day is proof of a complete lack of social life...(what the hell happended to me I used to be cool.) So now I must exorcise the whiny depressed bastard out of me again. My method..well the Church uses prayers in Latin, funny hats, incense and holy water, and if all else fails inviting the demon in and jumping down a steep flight of stairs....personally, I don't want to go the Father Karas Route....besides I don't feel like having to clean green puke off my walls at some ungodly hour of the night. I have decided the only way to rid my self of the whiny bitch is my invoking the true sprit of the Bitch Stomper. If the weather is good on Saturday I'm planning on a ride of 75 to 100 miles. I don't know when I'm leaving, don't know when I'll be back..just going out and riding where the road takes me...which is usually out to the lake, or Cheshire...or nowhere special. No worry's on gas prices as cookies, Gu and shot bloks tend to be a little cheaper than $4.00 a gallon.I've got two spare tubes, 2 CO2 cartridges, and the wonderful multi tool. I might drive to a strategic location, I might just leave from home, all in all it doesn't matter, I need some seat time to clear my head..and a Saturday morning free from the rat race sounds good to me.
The more I sit at home and stew,worry, and debate, the lower I'm going to get, at least on the road I can let my mind wander a little bit, and worry more about the semi coming up behind me instead of senseless shit I can't change.

Let the exorcism begin.

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rocketpants said...

On a positive note...and I do hope this is true for you too...I filed e-file with Turbo-Tax and got my stimulus check deposited into my bank account today. I hope you have the same luck!