Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Positive news, some life venting, more positive news

Ok the last couple of posts have been sort of negative as my exams and 1 300lbs. Gorrilla of a paper have sucked the life out of me . My anth paper still needs a peer review but my professor has been by friday it should be done and my semester will officially be over. Last night I managed to get in a 4 mile "breather" run and 3000 yds. in the pool.
My ambitious main set of 5x200 fell on its butt regally, I manged to hold 2 of them, tried on the third but my body was just too spent from paper writing. I changed my main set instead to 10x 100's on 1:25. Bjoern is in ready or not mode for Switzerland 70.3 , we went to dinner, sort of as a " hey thanks for some of the help with the training" deal. Bjoern sounds ready for it. His main concern is the swim in a mountain lake in the beginning of June....possibly sans wetsuit...his bike leg...well....Stadler-esque comes to mind...without the temper tantrum over a flat tire. The run is my main concern for him because his knee acts up occasionally, but his last 8 miler went pretty well....I'm confident he'll have a good day. positive part 1 done!

The rest of my 2008 and 2009 season are on hold....I have some debt I need to well as a delicate situation at home. I'll most likely throw down for Niantic, Park City and Nutmegman, but those races are all game time decisions. Ironman New Zealand has not sold at the rate I was expecting it to, so I can wait a little longer before sending in an entry fee, and arranging travel....whether or not I will do it remains to be seen, indeed whether or not I will race at all next year remains to be seen. I'm not burned out I'm just consumed by guilt...knowing my race fees can easily be gas and groceries for the week...granted a lot of people have told me I should live my life, and enjoy my "youth" while it lasts...including my priest, parents, friends....I just constantly have the fear that I will end up like my parents, having to take care of everyone else's shit when they become old and senile and having to live my life vicariously.... that's part of the reason I want to move to the left coast....that and weather more conducive to year round training...the longer I stay in Connecticut, the more entrenched I will become and after 30 years, still be at the Bank, have a sore knee from shoveling, and stress from having to manage my parents' affairs, because I'll be the only one close and not bitter. In essence I will have become my parents. Not that that's a bad thing but I don't want to wait until I'm in my early forties to find myself and start living. Ok vent done!

Last night over dinner, Bjoern and I in the midst of our speaking tri geek, have come up with an interesting business proposition. Now it's still a few years off, but it doesn''t hurt to plan and research. We sat there talking about forgein Ironmans and the idea of buying a condo in one of the towns..use for the month up until the race thane earn income on it the other 11 months renting it out. Definately work in Placid, especially during the Winter....well we took the idea one step further...then a little bit further....I don't want to get into details but think the Red Bull house in Kona now multiply that times 3 and for the average triathlete, in the high income world of triathlon this could be a very viable idea...also with the real estate market might be an affordable under taking.....

( For all financial planners worried about me going through with this..don't be..I have neither the capital, investors, nor business plan set up. Although despite the numerous things that could go wrong..worst case senario...I would end up with a house in either Lake Placid, NY, Panama City, FL, or Taupo, NZ and I end up teaching there until I pay off the mortgage...or rent out....I don't know about you but Panama City in the middle of July ( humidity) or Lake Placid from October to March doesn't sound pleasant unless you're a humidity/ snow lover... which hey I could rent to the elederly/ ski crowd....I don't have the capital don't worry....this plan is years off, or a pipe dream at best. Afterall dreams only become nightmares when you try to make them realities,without the proper planning and cost/benefit analysis.)

Well that's all the news that's fit to print.

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Ken Schulz said...

Sounds like we're on the same training/school plan... all work and no play makes triathletes go something something...