Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Shoot me! Shoot me now!

Yesterday, when I went to email my paper I foundout that it wasn't loading into Central's copy of Microfsoft office..ok I'll just email it from home I thought...I go to open it on my computer and the worst words in the english language flashed accross my screen: "this file is courrpted and can not open." No this is a bad dream..some nightmare from the twilight zone.....a weekend's worth of work gone....oh curse you...oh damn you..oh somebody load me up on caffine as I start over from scratch. needless to say from 3pm Yesterday until 1pm today I was in hurry up offense..I called in sick to work this morning...some new dreadful disease..paperitis could be fatal..symptoms include serve increase in stress levels and drop in GPA..side effects could be an extra semester at Central. needless to say I managed to get it out 13 pages of grade A American...or in this case British Bullshit. I don't really care anymore as long as I pass the course and never have to take it again I'll be happy. It was not my best work but for a combined 16 hours of sleep in the last 4 days, juggling another paper, and studying for exams...it'll do. considering I had to explain to my professor it was late with the modern equivlaent of the dog ate my homework excuse I don't think I scored any brownie points..but the sad thing my computer really crapped out on me....oh the karma train got back at me big time for all the times I used that excuse at Fordham. If my thesis is going to be anything like this I'm starting my research now..because when I handed in that paper I felt like a mother who had just given birth....months of dread and worry, nearly 23 hours of labor...and in an instant the finished product...a devil spawn..I mean precious angel.

Well that is it for my adventure with Mr. History Paper.
things I learned:

1. I am really, really glad I didn't live in the 1840's.
2. Hospitals were filthy, overcrowded, understaffed, and usually crawling with medical students...wait today Hospitals aren't as filthy, but are still overcrowded, under staffed, and crawling with medical students.
3. I'm glad the guy cutting me open with a knife has gone through years of college and lab work and is not apprenticed like they were before 1858.
4. Apparently they thought mercury, opium and turpentine were good for you....pass the heroin please.
5.Somehow I don't think sumerging a burn victim in hot water is going to cure shock.
6. Robert Liston could have taken a side gig as an action hero..he put his knife between his teeth as he worked the bone saw during amputations.
7.Mrs. Beeton's cure for the common cold sounds like it would be a good party cocktail...
8.I have a new profound respect for the Victorian house wife...if she really wanted to kill her spouse she didn't need an ax, the medicine cabinet could have done the job 10 times over.
9. I never noticed the subtle nutty taste of maxwell house before I lived off it for 3 days straight.
10.These guys must have been the precusors to modern athletes because I have never read about people so concerned about their diet.

ahh so that's it I can unwind...oh shit I've got two more pages of an anthropology paper...2 pages..that ain't shit...I just hope the file didn't courrpt itself.

The Slumping Student in the corner

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rocketpants said...

Two things: Hang in there...and buy a back up hard drive/and a USB drive. Back up frequently and often! Yikes.