Monday, May 26, 2008

I did a Century!

Well alright it was 100k but for all the climbing did I think I deserve the benefit of the fuzzy math. Last night I stopped by chez Angry and learned the wise and wonderful ways of the slosh pipe...Zurcher walks definitely build confidence. I also learned that I have a hard time keeping a neutral spine, which could account for the stiffness in my lower back on the ride. Angry als did some crazy 20 min workout set in which myself and his brother screamed out which crazy set of lifts and core work he had to perform. I also got some good action shots so for all that went down at the angry home stead click here.

Today's 100k began at the rail trail close to Lake Quasspaug in Middlebury. I rolled through the first 4 miles of the sprint course then went the long way to the route 47 interchange. Then the familiar climb back up to the lake. I got passed by a lot of guys on Harleys, and one dude who was dragging some foilage off his exhaust pipe. When I got to the lake I saw signs for a rowing regatta. "Not again" I muttered to myself. The prep schools tend to take over the lake this time of year as their rowing clubs go at it. Afterall one of these crews will go to Harvard and then they will have to beat Oxford at Henley and their Mumsy and Daddkins will buy them a porsche to celebrate the noble victory. Serously I wish I was rich. I went one loop around and to my luck there was not one way ward prep school rower in sight. A bunch of dudes with Kayaks but that was about it. After a quite rest stop at the State Park. I was orginally hoping to get 75 miles in but as I was relying on bottles, I did two loops of the lake and decided to roll back. After a comical remount after crossing Route 202, I managed to get back to the fun part and descend down Kettletown Road at break neck speed. Upon reaching route 6. I decided to finish the sprint course due to the traffic picking up. I managed to get the ride done although I was really suffering on the last couple of climbs. All in all it was a good ride. I managed to average 17 miles per hour, and in 80 degree heat that wasn't bad. So that's all for me.



Speed Racer said...

60 miles is quite a stretch to call a "century", hilly or not. Then again, after the ass kicking I'm sure Angry gave you, you're still badass for going metric. Why would you let him touch you? Don't you know he's full of shit?

Be careful of that slosh pipe before you give yourself a concussion!

Bob Almighty said...

hey it would count as a century anywhere else in the world..granted I'm nowhere near your level of bas ass machismo..or wachismo...Gachismo...damn what is the feminine form of machismo?

I'm sort of developing a "middle path to training" a happy medium between the hardcore strength of Angry and your plan of extreme distance, I hope to combine the two for nirvana...I mean maximum results.....

rocketpants said...

Ohhh Angry and the sloshpipe workout...I heard it was quite the workout. Make SURE you keep your back neutral on those DL's or bad, bad things happen.

Hang in there with all the crazy stress.