Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Water, water everywhere.....

Apparently I've done something to tick God off, ( damn it I knew it was because I really have no pro- choice or pro-life stance, and I support civil unions and Civil marriages for homosexual couples ( separation of church and state!), stem cell research ) but in any case I went to the Y last night and got a 3000 yard workout in. Now this was the first time in almost a week I got in the water. I wasn't too rusty, and I managed to hold 5X200 on 2:50 holding between 2:40 and 2:45 on all 5. I went over my Pepere's ( Quebecois for grandfather) homestead played a few hands of cribbage, grabbed some dinner and then went home to get some sleep. I descended in to my basement which suddenly had turned into an indoor swimming pool from yesterday's deluge...this included my room...nothing better than walking in expecting to crash at 12:30AM and finding your room looking like it could have been on the sound stage for the movie Titanic. Well I had 3 options, "sleep" on the couch which sleep is in quotes, my dogs would be whining for the door every 5 minutes, the second was suck it up and sleep in the puddle, that was once my domicile, the third sleep at Pepere's. Well the choice was obvious, I packed what I needed for the morning and drove the 2 miles to my grandfather's house. I slept like a rock. On tap for Today, Bailing..bailing and more bailing, maybe an evening run.

The Water Logged Warrior

Edit #1: Upon checking my email and the registration list at the Patriot, I have decided to take the leap and enter as an open category athlete. I figure the potential of a $1000.00 payday, is worth the embarassment of blowing up. The course is flat and fast, and I've definitely have gotten more miles on the bike this year. My running is steadily improving and If I could pull a 1:37 half marathon on minimal training after a long and hilly 56 mile ride...then I feel I could definitely go 1:37 on that course...perhaps even faster. With a little more than a month to train for it, I've already started increasing volume, in hopes I'll have a descent Eagleman. The Griskus, well at least for the Olympic race I'll be doing it in Jan Ulrich Mode with my 12-23. Hopefully by the end of the summer I'll have a 12-25 or 12-27 for my hiller courses. My training runs have felt like crap the last couple of times out, but with all the stress I've been under I'll chalk it up to that. Granted they have still been pretty quick. So all in all that's all that's going on as of 11:00AM

Upon reading my homie Bjoern's Blog he's a little psyched and a little nerveous as he prepares for Switzerland 70.3. Anyone wishing to leave him advice or encouragement click here

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iron-boyer said...

I need help...there are too many waves on Lake Zurich...can you send a 5mile by 5mile wind stop to block Lake Zurich for Sunday?