Friday, May 30, 2008

To Eagleman, or not to Eagleman

Well, when I signed myself up for this last August I was thrilled, I had managed to score the triathlon equivilent to ALCS tickets. I had a chance at a Kona slot and it was going to be a magnificent adventure. Fast forward 10 months, financial crap, home crap, and an Ironman later, and now I'm sort of wishing I pulled an Angry and bailed when I could have still gotten some of my hard earned dinero back. As mentioned in some of my earlier post my Parent's financial situation has deteroriated with both of them relying on the real estate market, granted my mom has a couple of deals that have gone through and is just now awaiting on the checks. My situation isn't to great as I put myself in the hole trying to help and carry on a somewhat normal life. Irregardless, I am in a hole going into Eagleman. My fiscally responsible side is screaming at me "Bail now" save the vacation days and rack up overtime. Another part of me is saying you forked over $250 You got up early and registered you will do this. So for the last week I've been in wait and see mode. My parent's situation hasn't really improved, in fact it has sort of gotten worse. I've pawned off somethings I don't really use to try to build up a semi coushion for Eagleman, unfortuantely I spent a little too much last weekend on gas and seeing the new Indiana Jones flick, I will say one thing no matter how bad it is it's still better than temple of doom. I'm also looking atgetting a part time job, just so I can bank a little more cash and pay off some debts. I'm really considering scrapping the whole Eagleman thing. I'm just not sure if it's worth the gas and money, especially with the crisis my family's in. I know that the race would lift my sprits, but is it really worth sepnding almost a week's worth of pay to lift my sprits for a few hours. I'm not making a decision until Wednesday because that's the lastest I can get my vacation days back so hopefully the weekend and early week will bring some more promising news.

The Frazzled Financier

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Runner Leana said...

Bob, that has to be a tough decision to make. I'd hate to see you quit the race. You are such a responsible guy for thinking of your parents and your own financial situation. I hope the race gods will smile on you and figure out a way for you to do the race.