Sunday, May 25, 2008

Debating a new caeer

Well upon my aimless wonderings on the internet at work I stumbled accross an interesting job opportunity, I am debating to apply. While I'm pretty sure the postion offers more cash I'm afraid of the flexibility, especially as I enter my last year at CCSU. That and I'm not really guaranteed anything in this difficult financial job market. The other is loyalty, my current employer has been somewhat good to me but I haven't really advanced in the course of the 3 years I've been there, but they have really helpped me in the fact that they have put up with my scholastic crap. Regardless Iwill consult with friends in the industry and see if it's worth my while, then apply.

On the training front I managed to get a 22 mile ride and a 4 mile run in. Not the greatest brick but it got the job done. I was bonking hardcore at the 2 mile mark on the run, but I didn't bring any GU2O meaning my electrolyte levels were really out of wack. (plain water just wasn't cutting it.) So now I know that sports drink is critical to my performance, especially in warm weather.

It's two weeks to Eagleman and right now I'm really hoping that my performance there is worth the hassle. I've been under a lot of stress under the last couple of weeks hitting my low point on Wednesday, so I'm just hoping I can get down there Get R Done and get home. My training has really reflected my home stress and I have really considered just eatting my race entry fees for the year, cut them as charitable donations and start working on getting myself out of debt and into a better situation. It has been a long month, but hopefully June will be better. That's all I can really hope for. I am now realizing that perhaps Eagleman was an overambitious venture, as well as a my race schedule. Irregardless, it is neither here nor there. I try to keep myself pumped and my spirits high but the last week has really been stressfull. Part of me wants to sit and wallow in self pity, the other part wants me to move forward and strive to make myself more independent. It's just been a long hard month the has left me emotionally drained, and burned out leaving me with little energy for my passion. That's why most of my posts have been really conflicted and down and out. I don't really express this frustration with anyone in face to face conversation. I try to hide it, smile like everything's ok , when I feel like utter crap. The blog has served as a sounding board due to the fact it's a hell of a lot cheaper than therapy, I'm hoping that I can find a job with a little bit better pay so that way I can knock down my debt a little quicker. My father's sudden splitting ways with his former employer , put alot of pressure and stress on me as the oldest son and the only one with a steady pay check. The stimulus check decable has sort of left me high and essence if it wasn't for money I'd have no problems. I have made the executive decision to sell Enrico ( my road bike) as well as a set of T-2 aerobars , mountain bike pedals and shoes. I don't use the road bike that often and I figure its worth at least $300. The aero bars I bought for $100, they're alloy and I'm thinking $65 might be a fair asking price. In anycase I'm hoping that I can sort my self out and hopefully get myself crusing in the fast lane once again.

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Runner Leana said...

Sorry to hear you are going through some tough stuff. I wish I had advice to offer...but best of luck.