Thursday, September 11, 2008

Common sights on a Thursday after dark in New Britian

Freshman sneaking booze into Caroll Hall.
Drug deal going down on Stanley Street.
Freshman girls trying to remember the names on their fake ID's.
Guys jumping mountain bikes off stairs.
Ultimate Frisbie vs. Soccer for the quad.
100 guys following 2 girls in to Elmers.
My scrawny ass running loops of the campus.

That's right tonight I managed to get a nice 10k in. I stuck to the boring yet safe and well lit route around campus, as my training partner is off in Vienna ....damn it Bjoern, I need someone to run with on Tues and Thurs nights. Sorry for the negative puke in the last two posts but it's been a rough week, and 6.1 miles of therapy were just what the doctor ordered. Tomorrow not much on tap as my Grandpa heads up to the mothership ( Canada). So I officially have the house to myself, no wild keggers please. Comtemplating signing up for the HOTford marathon on October 11, figure I need to measure myself up to Speedy, Cranky and possibly the juggernaunt known as the Angry One. Next week I have my final race of the 2008 Triathlon season, after that I need to think out and methodically plan 2009.


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iron-boyer said...

The first few lines of the post send a cold shiver down my spin...Central omg. Thursty Thursdays...what a nightmare to run past drunk children on their way to the puke festival @ Elmers. I feel your pain. I will think of you when I run down the Donau river in Vienna :)