Monday, September 8, 2008

Two months off and counting.....

Well when I clicked on the registration to sign up for Hammerfest, I found the price had jumped from $65 to $80 for USAT members. I found that it was in my best interest to sit it out. I can justify $75 bucks for a sprint race, but $80 seems a little ridiculous, whether or not I sign up for the Nutmeg State Remains...who am I kidding I'm signing up for it as soon as I get it looks like just the half-iron is on the plate for September, with possibly the Hartford Marathon in October ( I usually do a 15-20 mile long run weekly so I have the base.) This Sunday I'm hoping to do a long ride, anyone in the New England region is welcome. Also my books ran a little more costlier than antcipated, so hopefully my studnet loan check will be in in the next couple of weeks and I can offset, my school supply hit. So that's all from CT.

The caged animal

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